It’s not an easy job, this. When you’re not travelling overseas to try out incredible holiday destinations (I’m just back from Vegas, more to follow), then you’re off to some of London’s best restaurants to sample their delicious wares. It gets a bit gruelling, y’know? You probably don’t undersand what hard work is! Corporate law? Try sitting in a Michelin starred restaurant every night of the week, sipping Champagne and munching through tasting menus. Where’s my MBE?

Anyway, here’s the backbreaking labour we’ve been putting ourselves through this month…

Barceló Torre de Madrid

Lottie kicked the month off in style with a casual jaunt to Madrid and a hotel that looks like it was basically engineered for Insta likes. Designed by Spaniard Jaime Hayón, and winner of the EDIDA 2016 design award, the hotel looks incredible, as does Madrid. She drank glasses of hilltop Champagne in an Egyptian Temple (say what?), toured the Spanish capital, visited the king of Spain at the Palace of Madrid (sort of) and had the best back massage she’s ever had (I’ve seen Emily in the office dolling out massages more than once, so let’s hope this doesn’t get out).

Check out Lottie’s travels here…

Where: Plaza de España, 18, 28008 Madrid, Spain

Tewkesbury Park

Not to be outdone on the travel-front, Emily’s been gallivanting in her natural hood: the Cotswolds. Tewksbury Park looks like the perfect respite from the hect of London (is ‘hect’ a word? Like in ‘hectic’?), and it was just what E-Dawg needed and, it appears, got. The copper cauldron-like bathtub, in the middle of the bedroom (perfect for exhibitionists, romance but perhaps not travelling with your mum) particularly looks incredible, not to mention the views, food and location.

Read all about it here…

Where: Lincoln Green Lane, Tewkesbury, GL20 7DN

Flemings Mayfair

One of my favourite meals ever was at Ormer in Jersey, so imagine my jealousy when I heard Charlotte was going to Shaun Rankin’s London outpost of the same restaurant! Then imagine it slightly fading when I learnt she was there to try the new vegan menu. Charlotte, from her copy, is clearly on first name terms with the Michelin-starred chef himself, and was ‘suitably impressed’. Which is high praise indeed from Charlotte.

Here she is, vegan-ing away…

Where: Flemings Mayfair Hotel, Half Moon Street, London, W1J 7BH, United Kingdom
Nearest station: Green Park (0.2 miles)

Flesh and Buns

Flesh & Buns has quite a cool gimmick: a button on your table that brings over an immediate refill on the old pisco. Emily went and presumably held her thumb firmly down on the button throughout her review of Flesh & Buns’ brunching menu. It looks like she had a great time (like you would, right, with bottomless cocktails on hand).

Press for pisco here…

Where: 41 Earlham Street, Covent Garden, WC2H 9LX

Madison Restaurant

We had a relatively heated debate in the office about this. Which restaurant in London has the best views? I mean, obviously it has to be one of the Shard ones, right? SUSHISAMBA might if only it faced the other way, either way would you say Madison? Lottie would and won me over with her reasoning, where else do you get an up-close-and-personal view of one of the world’s most iconic buildings? Madison not only overlooks St Paul’s, set in that newish brown (why brown?) glass building in The City. And, it turns out, the view is only part of the package: try the brunch.

Lottie opines on the view and the food…

Where: Rooftop Terrace, 1 New Change, St Pauls, London, EC4M 9AF, United Kingdom
Nearest station: Mansion House (0.2 miles)

Galvin at Windows

Coming back to the whole ‘best view’ thing, this would probably be my choice. The views across London are impressive and, by all accounts, so are the dishes! Emily was on a jaunt to taste her way through the new Saturday brunching menu, a mixture of French and Korean classics. All of which sounds fantastic, but the real excitement is that the general manager is Fred from First Dates. Literally what more reason could you need?

Here’s 4 reasons to  visit, plus the Fred thing…

Where: 22 Park Ln, London W1K 1BE, United Kingdom
Nearest station: Hyde Park Corner (0.3 miles)

Baby Bao

I suspect that Charlotte only took this one on so that she could write the headline ‘Baby Got Bao’. Which is perhaps a little unfair, after all the bao look massive and great. And, given it’s in St James’s, it must be one of the cheapest eateries in London’s most fashionable area (sorry Belgravia, I realise I wrote that you were London’s most fashionable area in an article yesterday! Fashion is so fickle…).

Here’s her thoughts…

Where: 66 Haymarket, St James's, SW1Y 4RF

Chakra, Kensington

Charlotte’s been on the old posh Indians again. This time it’s the tiny Kensington restaurant Chakra. She was supposed to be there just eating vegan but she ‘fell off the wagon’. So did she chomp into a chicken byriani? A lamb pasanda? No, she just strayed onto the vegetarian menu and by all accounts so should we.

Read all about it…

Where: 33C Holland Street, Kensington, W8 4LX

The Lygon Arms


Guess who went to the Cotswolds? Yep, Emily’s missing a trick by not buying a season ticket to Kingham. Which wouldn’t be much help, actually, for the Lygon Arms which is tucked on the edge of the Cotswolds in Worcestershire. The former coaching inn is big on history, and thankfully also on luxury.

Travel with Emily…

Where: The Lygon Arms, High Street, Broadway, Worcestershire, WR12 7DU


Dr Alex, off of Love Island, isn’t exactly my spirit animal, but where he goes I sometimes check out. And on this occasion the nation’s favourite vaguely love-ratty junior doctor (though Charlie from Casualty has been through the ladies) was right. He gave Zuaya a thumbs-up, and so do I. The Kensington restaurant is genuinely brilliant. Go. Have one of the purple tacos. Have five.

Tacos and more…

Where: 35 Kensington High Street, Kensington, W8 5BA

The Arch London

Lottie’s discovered something called ‘Alphatecture’ at The Arch London when she spent the night there. Literally no idea what it is.

See if you can figure it out…

Where: 50 Great Cumberland Place, Marble Arch, London, W1H 7FD, United Kingdom
Nearest station: Marble Arch (0.3 miles)