11 of the Best Places for Vegan Junk Food

11 of the Best Places for Vegan Junk Food

All vegans must be skinny right? All they can eat is salad so of course they must be super healthy too. Well actually no, whilst many dairy products are the source of highly calorific foods like cheese and butter, vegans can still roll around in all the oil and sugar they please without compromising their beliefs. So, read on as we shed some light on some the most indulgent and vegan friendly foods in London.


What: Vegan Fish & Chips

Why: Technically called “vish” and chips so as to not upset or confuse anyone, Battered serves completely vegan fish and chips. The fish in this case is a soya creation wrapped in nori for that authentic fish flavour and then battered. They also serve a host of treats you might find in a fish and chips shop (but veganised) like pies, tartar sauce and mushy peas. Find them every Saturday at Hackney Downs Vegan Market from 10th February.

Where: Food truck across London

Website: www.getbattered.com

The Vurger Co

What: Vegan Burgers

Why: You may already be aware of The Vurger Co as they’re a hugely popular plant-based burger company with famous fans such as Lucy Watson. The menu includes option like their best-selling Tabasco Auburger, made from aubergines, chickpeas, red onion and vegan cheese, plus the company’s infamous mac’n’cheese and shakes. As well as festivals and events you will now be able to find them at their first permanent site in Shoreditch when they open on 12th March 2018.

Where: Unit 9, Avant Garde, Richmix Square, E1 6LD

Website: www.thevurgerco.com


What: Roasted Black Carrot Hotdog

Why: This hotdog is a bit of a sneaky one as although the name suggests it will be unhealthy the “dog” in question is made of the disappointing low-calorie ingredient of a carrot. We’ll sneak them in though because the roasted black carrot hotdog with carrot caraway jam sounds too tempting to pass.

Where: 35-37 Parkgate Road, London SW11 4NP

Website: www.nutbourne-restaurant.com

Temple of Seitan

What: Temple of Seitan

Why: After the success London’s first vegan fried chicken shop in Hackney, Temple of Seitan is now opening a second venue in Camden. Temple of Camden will open 31st January (103A Camley Street, N1C 4PF) serving all the same delicious food as Temple of Hackney including popcorn bites, hot wings and the Temple Burger comprised of a crispy fillet, bacon, cheese, lettuce and pickles with ranch mayo.

Where: 10 Morning Lane, Hackney E9 6NA

Website: www.templeofseitan.co.uk

Biff's Jack Shack

What: Filthy AF

Why: Biff’s Jack Shack claim to make the “filthiest, naughtiest, hot-sauce-dripping-down-your-face-iest vegan junk food in the UK” and after seeing their menu we are inclined to agree. Options include Chunky ‘Bangin’ Wingz’ smothered with a sauce of your choice like Buffalo + Blue Cheese, and The ‘Samuel Hell Jackson’ a jackfruit patty, topped with chipotle slaw, maple chipotle shack sauce, classic burger cheese and jalapeños served in a toasted (vegan) brioche bun.

Where: 182 Stoke Newington Road, N16 7UY

Website: www.biffsjackshack.com

Doughnut Time

What: Drool-Worthy Doughnuts

Why: The Aussie doughnut company that made a major splash when it launched on our shores last year not only makes delicious, creative doughnuts but they also do plenty of vegan flavours too. The menu is always changing but currently features options like but not limited to Cornelius Fudge (chocolate vegan glaze, topped with vegan brownies and toasted hazelnuts), Fairy Godmother (vegan butter cream with 100’s and 1000’s) and The Handbook favourite, Sia Later (vegan red velvet doughnut with a buttercream frosting and freeze-dried raspberries).

Where: 96 Shaftesbury Avenue, Soho, W1D 5EB

Website: www.doughnuttime.com

Young Vegans

What: Pie & Mash

Why: Another classic English fare given a vegan make-over, nestled in Camden Market flavours include the all-day breakfast pie made with scrambled tofu, caramelised onions, vegan sausage and smokey baked beans, and curry pie made with butternut squash, chana chickpeas and lentils in a mild curry sauce. Their signature seitan and ale pie is personal favourite, the vegan steak is made from seitan marinated in a rich ale.

Where: 60 Camden Lock Place, Camden NW1 8AF

Website: www.youngvegans.co.uk

The Diner

What: American-Style

Why: The Diner’s classic American dishes have been extensively recreated for vegan tastes with all sorts of indulgent dishes to stretch your pant line. The menu is massive and has the likes of vegan chili cheese fries, a vegan taco salad and vegan burritos. They have burgers like the southern fried seitan burger and BBQ jackfruit burger, and the Big V Dog with classic ketchup and mustard. They also have a range of pancakes available and desserts like banana split for your sweet tooth.

Where: Various Across London including Dalston, Islington and The Strand

Website: www.goodlifediner.com

Arancini Brothers

What: Vegan Balls

Why: Risotto ball pros, Arancini Brothers, has been around since 2009 but as of the beginning of 2018 now has a fully vegan restaurant in Old Street. You can have the arancini served as is with mayo and chutney or in a variety of ways like in a wrap with salad and crispy onions, in a salad box or a hot stew. They also do breakfast options and burgers like Smokey Chorizo with vegan cheese, crispy onion, chili sauce and mayo.

Where: 42 Old Street, London EC1V 9AE

Website: www.arancinibrothers.com


What: A Bleeding Burger

Why: So, this is another burger entry but with a slight twist. Too-da-loo bean burgers, Moving Mountains has created a meatless, raw ‘bleeding’ burger (the blood is created by beetroot juice) which is only available in Mildreds, Dalston. It took a team of leading UK scientists, chefs and farmers more than two years in a lab and over 100 test-kitchen recipes to perfectly recreate a meat patty for the finished Moving Mountains B12 burger which launches 24th February. Its other ingredients include peas, potatoes, soy, coconut oil and mushrooms.

Where: Thomas Tower, 1 Dalston Square, Dalston Lane, E8 3GU

Website: www.mildreds.co.uk

By Chloe

What: Fast Food

Why: Another problem with vegan eating can be the need to have it readily available at a moment’s notice, while restaurants (think Pret) are doing their best to introduce more and more vegan options there’s no comparison to carnivorous options. This is where we welcome the award-winning, fast-casual restaurant By CHLOE who is opening their first international restaurant in Covent Garden 6th February. The menu includes burgers, sandwiches, fresh pastas, daily-baked sweets (Sweets by CHLOE), dairy-free ice cream (Chill by CHLOE), mac’n’cheese and much more.

Where: Drury House, 34-43, Russell Street, WC2B 5HA

Website: www.eatbychloe.com

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