So Mark Wahlberg’s got a stupid health regime. To the delighted whoops of tabloid journalists who swiftly crucified him, Wahlberg revealed that his day starts at 2:30 AM (note, I didn’t go to bed until this time last night) and is basically wave after wave of fitness, a relentless regime more reminiscent of a CIA black site interrogation. Except for heartwarming breaks for prayer and family time, there’s not a lot of time spent gorging on Ben & Jerry’s kicking back and doing all the things I’d do if I was a multi millionaire.

But it does highlight just how much of the job of being permanently in the public eye involved staying on top of your fitness. And not just in a ‘I get my cardio popping down to the chip shop’ way. So what are the celebs doing to stay fit and healthy? Here are their hacks…

Dani Dyer - (Half) marathon runner

Everyone’s favourite Love Islander, Dani Dyer hasn’t been photographed without a cigarette in hand since winning the ITV2 series along with boyfriend Jack, but Danny Dyer’s daughter (note to the uninitiated, yes, budget gangster film hard-man Danny Dyer did call his daughter Dani) did have a pre-show fitness regime. She ran the Hackney Half Marathon in May. Her time? 02:02:47, nearly an hour faster than Eyal.

Mark Wahlberg - Cryotherapy

One thing that really did catch my eye in the Wahlberg regime was the time he sets aside daily for cryotherapy. Like, whaaaat? Turns out that this is actually a thing, and it’s not as sci fi as it sounds (I was getting distinct Austin Powers vibes). The theory goes that being plunged to extremely cold temps (you sit in a sort of ‘hot tub’ (we need a new name for this) and are enveloped in cold dry air frozen to below −100 °C for two to four minutes) will increase muscle recovery, skin condition and, Wahlberg told Ellen deGeneres, it helps him sleep better (newsflash, Basketball Diaries: you’d also sleep better if you didn’t get up at half past two in the morning!). The medical community are a little less convinced, surprise surprise, but this hasn’t stopped cryotherapy chambers popping up all over. Head to Liverpool Street to the London Cryo – tagline ‘reinventing cool’ – to see, or feel, for yourself…

Where: 20 Artillery Lane, Liverpool Street, E1 7LS

David Beckham - Peloton

If you like spinning, but hate spin classes, then perhaps Peloton is for you. Perhaps you don’t enjoy having to go to the gym and would rather work out at home, perhaps you don’t enjoy seeing two dozen lycra clad bottoms ahead of you. Or maybe you’re a global superstar who doesn’t want to work out in an exercise class. David Beckham falls squarely into the latter bracket (though, if the tabloid rumours are true, perhaps he probably doesn’t mind all the lycra bottoms either). It’s basically an exercise bike but connecting you and a number of others remotely to a spin instructor. Sort of a Skype exercise class. It’s all the rage and Beckham’s into it. Other celebrity fans include Michael Phelps, Rita Ora, Joe Wicks and Kate Hudson.

Peloton is ‘popping up’ in Covent Garden this month so you can check it out in person.


Reese Witherspoon - Green drink

Legally Blonde Reese Witherspoon has a favourite drink: a scarily green smoothie that she is often seen clutching. The drink is the brainchild of Kimberly Snyder and the mixture isn’t, in fact, the blended corpse of Kermit the Frog but rather a combo of: water, spinach, romaine, celery, apple, pear, herbs, lemon juice and banana. An if that’s not got your juices flowing then it’s also put down to the secret of Witherspoon’s incredibly youthful skin. That and being a multi-multi millionaire film star and entrepreneur.


Caroline Flack - Hot Yoga

When she was asked about the secret behind her health and skin tone a couple years ago everyone’s favourite strutter, Caroline Flack, revealed that the answer is hot yoga. Given how sweaty this workout is, it can hardly be described as ‘hot’, but it is, nevertheless, gruelling so no wonder Flack thought it was effective. That said, she’s recently spilled all about her health tips again, this time to Woman’s Health, as part of the promo run-up to Love Island 2018 and it sounds like hot yoga’s been booted out in favour of a slightly better rounded regime. Still, it’s an easily replicated regime, just head to any number of hot yoga joints across the capital.


Of course, the issue with all of these ‘hacks’ is that there isn’t actually a hack for getting healthy, other than hard work. If we’re looking for a silver bullet, then it’s a holistic health approach that covers diet, exercise and lifestyle. Bad luck.