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The Handbook

It’s fair to say that Halloween has gone from being scary to being downright peculiar, with 2018 promising to reveal some pretty bizarre costume choices. We’ve seen Frida Kahlo, black and white cows, and even replicating Meghan Markle’s best looks. What happened to witch and vampire costumes you ask?! Oh, well they still exist, but they’re more typically donned by people who have little-to-no time to put something together. So as Pinterest release their most popular costumes for 2018, it’s safe to say they’re are some absolute howlers surfacing. People are putting a whole lotta thought into their outlandish outfits nowadays, and here are some of our top picks…

Avo You Seen This?!

In the wake of the avocado’s soaring popularity this year, people are (literally) being consumed by the green fruit. Yes, this Halloween will see avid-avocado-ers donning outfits resembling our favourite brunch go-to, avo on toast. Clearly sticking around on the millennial radar for a while, this costume will see you turning hungry heads left, right and centre.

Re-create the look:

As specified on Hello Wonderful

You’ll need a fairly basic brown tee and trousers (the toast), then cut out a (very large) piece of foam into the shape of an avocado. Next, draw an inner circle and cut that out. Next it’s onto the painting; paint the rim of the avocado dark green, the inner rim lighter green and the flesh of the avocado lime/yellow green. You’ll want to mix your yellow and green paints to achieve the right hue.

Finally, measure your shoulders and where you want the avocado to hang. Hot glue two elastic straps. Allow to dry fully before trying on the costume.

Rocking Riverdale

American teen drama television series Riverdale, based on the characters of Archie Comics, has turned a fair few heads as of late, so it’s no surprise people are rifling through their wardrobes to re-create the looks of the protagonists. Essentially, there’s minimal effort needed (except it does help if you have a hefty head of blonde or bright ginger hair to rock certain looks). But really it’s just extra preppy/highschool wear, and we’re loving it!

Re-create the look:

Recreate the look by investing in pleated skirts, oversized sweaters, fitted jeans and pumps. For the gym look, try and pluck out some of your old gear; from huge scrunchies to varsity-style jackets. If you don’t have these, head to Amazon or Etsy

Get In Your Edna Mode

Due to the much-anticipated return of The Incredibles 2, fans of the film have been rushing to get their Edna Mode on! The plus size outfit will make you the envy of all Incredibles fans, that’s for sure!

Re-create the look: 

Get yourself a short, cropped black wig, a blue tunic and glasses. Shop the look at here

The Enviable Emoji

In sticking to the millennial theme, and if you’re just not a fan of avocados, then why not go as an Emoji? Let’s face it, we text them everyday to represent our feelings, and now you can literally be a “face with tears on”!

Re-create the look: 

Essentially, you just have to purchase a giant emoji costume and couple it with black trousers and t-shirt! If you’re not all over the OTT, however, a simple emoji-based t-shirt could do the job. Why not paint your face as an emoji too?! See here.

Under The Influence

In a world peppered by social media influencers, we’re pretty darn fond of Urban Outfitter’s “influencer” Halloween costume. The look features a minimalist sporty-chic sports bra and leggings in muted tonal hues for a look that’s so now, and make sure you get your hands on some uber-trendy “don’t take my photo” style sunglasses to finish the look, and a ridiculously long wig.

Re-create the look:  

You can shop the look by visiting Urban Outfitters

Sun Juni-Pair-o

San Junipero is by far the best of the Black Mirrors! Don’t agree? Well it won an Emmy, so in your face! The episode tells the tale of two women, Kelly and Yorkie, who fall in love in San Junipero, a fun-loving beach town from the 80s full of surf, sun and sex. It’s such a chair gripper of an episode, which warms the heart with its tale of love and damn good music. Which is why we’re not surprised people have chosen to adopt the look for Halloween.

Re-create the look: 

One of you will need to don a preppy look; jeans, shirt, a striped blue jumper. If you’re Kelly however, it’s sparkles, shoulder pads (see here, and add sparkles) and big hair! You’ve got this!

Shop The Look

If you’re freakin out about how to do your Halloween make-up look like those on Insta, not to fear! Head down to Covent Garden boutiques Tom Ford Beauty (the world’s first standalone beauty store from the brand), NARS and Urban Decay and grab yourself a ghoulish Halloween makeover. All three of the boutique’s will offer Halloween looks with signature go-to’s up their sleeves. At Urban Decay you can choose between a one hour appointment to create a spooky Halloween look, or opt for a 90-minute appointment for more complex Halloween makeovers.

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