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What to expect when you’re expecting…

Let’s face it, every mum deserves a medal. Whether they’re wiping away snotty noses, getting splattered with mushed up peas, or cuddling away the teething tears, mums have to tackle kiddie issues hands on, expected to know why everything’s happening and how to solve the problem instantly. It’s tiresome work, so to give mums a much needed rest, we’ve rounded up five of the best apps that give mum a little helping hand. Mums, we salute you!

Mums To Be

What To Expect

Stressing about becoming a mum for the first time? Or wondering why the teething tears just won’t stop? What To Expect is here to help expecting mums prepare for the unexpected, because after all, it’s not all rainbows and kisses. From tracking your baby’s growth right through to their toddler years, What To Expect helps tackle the milestones, behavioural development, and even offers tips to help boost fertility.


The Bump Pregnancy Tracker

From pea to pumpkin… The Bump Pregnancy Tracker helps you track you baby’s growth with week by week baby bump alerts, as well as daily, award-winning pregnancy and baby editorial articles that help cover all of your symptoms and developments.


From Baby To Tot

The Wonder Weeks

I wanna stay up all night… Hmm, I’m not sure One Direction quite had torturous teething screams and quivering cries in mind when they sung about staying up all night but I’m sure Liam Payne is certainly regretting it… Here to help parents with health tips and tricks is The Wonder Weeks app. While their book explains in-depth about the developmental changes all babies go through, the app is helps to track your baby’s mental development during those first few valuable months.


Baby Connect

Becoming a parent can be exhausting so Baby Connect are here to help out with it all. With Baby Connect you’ll be able to track daily information, everything from feeding schedules to diaper changes, sleep patterns to mood swings. If your little one is in daycare, there’s an option to allow several authorised users to access your user account to exchange messages and photos.


Cloud Baby Monitor

There’s something slightly haunting about hearing a baby cry through a baby monitor… But they are a necessity. Here to help you save a few pennies with a baby monitoring app is Cloud Baby Monitor. It’s the app that turns your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android, Mac, Apple TV and Apple Watch into the monitor, because let’s face it, you’ve always got your phone on you. The app notifies you about your baby’s activities with noise and motion alerts. Not bad, eh?


British Red Cross First Aid

British Red Cross have created an app designed to keep your little’uns safe. The British Red Cross’ Baby and Child First Aid app is jam-packed with useful videos, easy to follow advice and even a test section to test you on how much you’ve learnt.


Sleep Through The Night

Lullaby For Babies

Rock-a-bye, baby, in the treetop…

Let’s face it, every baby goes through a rough sleeping patch. It can last anything from a week to months (or years if you’re really unlucky). Here to help you weary parents with a few sweet lullabies is Lullaby for Babies, an app for parents trying to get your children to sleep quick and easy. You’ll no doubt hear all the classics, after all, who doesn’t love a good ol’ lullaby?


Baby Sleep Sounds

Baby Sleep Sounds is designed to help your baby fall to sleep instantly with everything from shushes to lullabies. This handy app also has a night light feature which uses your phone’s screen to provide a soft, gentle light with colours. Plus, you’ll find tips and tricks from the experts to helping your baby get some much needed shut eye.


A-B-C It's Easy As 1-2-3

The Human Body

Learning about gruesome body parts is always good fun. The Human Body, part of the Tiny Bop clan, allows children to explore an interactive model of the human body so they can see how the heart beats, guts gurgle, lungs breathe, and eyes see…


Rocket Math

Math is a wonderful thing, math is a really cool thing. Okay, maybe don’t get your math tips from the School Of Rock but maths can be made fun by playing the Rocket Math games on your phone. Learn your times tables, develop your division skills, or just become a mastermind at your adding and subtracting…


Days Out And Activities


Mush is essentially tinder for your mums, except you’ll be arranging playdates rather than Netflix and chilling… Created by mums, Katie and Sarah, who struck up conversation in a playground on a rainy London day. The two instantly bonded and soon realised how beneficial it would be for mothers to have access to a free and fun way to meet up with other mums in the same situation, and since the launch back in 2016, the app has grown from strength to strength. So pull out your best mum jokes, spark up a convo and let’s get play dating!



Keeping the kiddies entertained is hard work, especially during the holidays. Here to lend a helping hand is Hoop, an app with the very best activities and happenings for newborns to 11 years old. All you yummy mummies have to do is set the age of your children and location, and you’ll have access to activities fit for you and your kiddies. You’ll find everything from trampolining classes to cupcake masterclasses, forest school foraging to mum and baby salsa classes…



Running out of room on your refrigerator for yet another one of Freddie’s paintings? Feeling like your house is looking more like a children’s art gallery rather than a cosy home? Well, fear not because the guys at Artkive have found a solution to letting little ol’ Freddie channel his inner Picasso (and guarantee you’ll get your living room back). Artkive helps save your kiddie’s memories by creating a virtual space to showcase your artwork at the touch of a button on your phone or computer, plus you can receive your very own picture book created by lil’ Freddie’s masterpieces so you can showoff his artistic skills to all your mum pals.


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