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The Handbook

The city that never sleeps? Well, if you’re not sleeping then what are you doing? Drinking, obviously! Needless to say, The Big Apple is brimming with eye-catching sights, and  doesn’t cease to impress with its bars, so, we’re inviting you to grab your spirit-of-choice and fire up your Instagram in order to soak up the bars that are simply begging to roll onto your feed.

Beauty And Essex

This Lower East Side venue has yet to escape prohibition and follows the popular trend of contemporary speakeasies through the city. Beauty feels like it may be hard to find on Essex Street, aside from bulbed sign that hangs above the pawn shop façade, but the titular declaration is realised immediately on entry as guests encounter a grand spiral staircase that descends into a lush underground containing four dining rooms, two bars, and an array of plush sofas.

Among the key features of this hidden gem are the low-toned intimate lighting, which is extenuated by the dark decor and the grand chandelier that cascades from the ceiling upon entering the interior depths. Grab a copy of Gatsby and fish out a Daisy Buchanan line for your flapper-themed post.

Where: 146 Essex St, New York, NY 10002

Library of Distilled Spirits

If you weren’t a fan of our aforementioned literary allusion, then this is the downtown library that will definitely peak your interest. The stacks at Library of Distilled Spirits are filled with over 1,000 bottles of liquor that have been distilled from all around the world. While, you may think you have your Insta-post with the most exciting encyclopaedia you’ve ever laid eyes on standing in lighted displays across the walls, just wait until your drink arrives.

The spirit savant, Dushan Zaric, who is the mind behind the library is dedicated to the crafting of cocktails, and along with manning the reference desk at his passion piece is also a co-founder of The American Bartending Institute of New York, and serves his students the most impressive of glasses. Any photos from here will have all of your followers studying.

Where: 80 E 13th St, New York, NY 10003

Ghost Donkey

Filter? No need for that at this red-string light lit bar, which provides one-of-a-kind lighting that gives a fun glow to each and every photo you take. The Mexican-inspired tequila and mezcal bar will have everyone looking for a geotag, and wondering where the heck you are.

Where: 4 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10012

Butcher and Banker Location Interior architectural Images Copyright © Arpi Pap Studio Images

Butcher And Banker

This next venue is all cash… Alright, that is admittedly a bit too corny, but who doesn’t want to grab a drink in an old bank vault? Located beneath the New Yorker Hotel, the bar is filled with chic, velvet sofas and dark tables. But, if we are all being honest, everyone (and their grandmother) is headed straight for that vault door, which is the capital attraction. This pic is the key to your social media heist.

Where: 481 8th Avenue, Vault Level, New York, NY 10001

Westlight At The William Vale

Here’s the skyline scene that we’ve all been dying to see! This Brooklyn bar is located on the 22nd-floor terrace of William Vale, which makes it the perfect place to spot-up against the NYC skyline. Oh, and make sure that you include one of the signature, complimentary-to-use, yellow binoculars that line the perimeter of the rooftop.

Where: 111 N. 12th Street Brooklyn, NY 11249

Grand Banks

Ahoy me hearties! The origins of Manhattan’s historic rise to global prominence is in its strategic placement along the Hudson River as a major port. One of the major characteristics of the port was its massive oyster barges, which lined the river for collecting and harvesting shellfish. The Grand Banks has put a luxurious twist on this nautical history, guests can wine and dine upon the bow of a wooden schooner. The unforgettable view that awaits guests as they float atop the Hudson includes the Freedom Tower and the New York Harbour. This oyster-inspired venue is sure to be the pearl of your profile, so the schooner you get there the better.

Where: Pier 25, Hudson River Park, New York, NY 10013

The Aviary

Right off Columbus Circle is The Aviary which, as indicated by the name, involves climbing into the clouds to get to the top – eek! The bar is located on the 35th floor and straddles views of Central Park and Midtown on either side of its floor to ceiling windows. Divert your gaze from the metropolitan scenery and you will see a modern interior outfitted with bold white and blue leather seating and a serpentine fixture adorning the ceiling. The most spectacular feature arrives when your order reaches your table, appearing as if it came out of a futuristic laboratory. Known to sparkle, fizz, foam, and much more it is only suiting that you’d have to adjust your altitude to see these dazzling drinks.

Where: 80 Columbus Cir, New York, NY 10023

Refinery Rooftop

Peeking out from the rooftop beams of the Refinery Hotel is the enormous steel frame of the Empire State Building. The view from the Refinery Rooftop is absolutely brilliant and perhaps qualifies as the best view of NYC’s famed building. Inside, the bar has a brick-wall backdrop and hanging string-lights that drape down from the steel beam ceiling structure. These beams are in place for a glass ceiling, which makes the unforgettable view of the Manhattan skyline visible during any and all seasons. This is perhaps the quintessential New York photo that speaks for itself, needing no introduction or caption.

Where: 63 W 38th St, New York, NY 10018

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