The Handbook
The Handbook

Christmas is over, New Year’s Eve is over, your hangover may or may not be over and you haven’t quite decided if you’ve had enough chocolate and roast potatoes.  Alas now we’re into January and it’s time to dust away the cobwebs, clear your head and get detoxing with super healthy food, spa days and even a cocktail or two. Here is our guide to detoxing this January:

Aloe Vera Mocktails at Arch London

Coconut water, hybrid cakes, popcorn and salted caramel were all big players in the 2014 food trends, but we predict that 2015 is going to be the year of aloe vera water – that’s right, it’s not just for your laundry.  It has a whole host of benefits including boosting your immune system, being great for clear skin and helping to remove toxins – which is exactly what you need after the Christmas season and boutique hotel, Arch London will be serving it as a mocktail. The Virgin Vera is, made from fresh lime, raspberries, aloe vera and guava juice – get drinking!

Quinoa Granola at Megan’s

Megan’s the much loved café- deli in South West London is launching a new granola this January – made from quinoa, oats, dried fruits and seeds its packed with vitamins, it releases energy slowly and if it’s like any of Megan’s other food then it’s going to taste pretty brilliant too. They also have their Green Cleanse juice made from cucumber, spinach and apple and Kale Greens – kale, cucumber, apple, mint and lemon – the best way to start the day.

Fitness Retreat at Jumeirah Carlton Tower

If you’re anything like us you think ‘yep this is the year that I’m going to get fit and basically resemble a Victoria Secrets model’ and then you’re not quite sure how and reach for another chocolate instead. Fear not, Jumeirah Carlton Tower have teamed up with The Peak Healthy Club and Spa for their fitness retreat weekend. They’ll be tailored dietary advice and take home tools to enhance both your physical and mental performance throughout 2015.

Christabel’s Dirty Detox Cocktails

If the thought of going sober for January is too much handle but equally the idea of another hangover leaves you reeling then we think we have the answer: Christabel’s Dirty Detox evening. Taking place on the 22nd January the evening will include healthy cocktails – yes they do exist- such as the Dirty Detox a mix of lime juice, nutmeg, agave and vodka as well as superfood bites like smoked salmon with honey and lemon.

Press at Selfridges

The LA to London cold pressed juice brand is taking up a permanent residency at Selfridges from the 5th January. With them they’ll be bringing 5 categories of juice blends, milks, tonic shorts, California health shakes, juice cleanses as well as 6 lifestyle tonics for every occasion – Wellness, Hangover, Energizer, Immunity, Beauty and SX. The team are said to be on a mission to show the cold pressed juices can be as addictive as Starbucks, big words there, but we reckon they could be onto something!

Follow the Mediterranean diet at Babbo, Mayfair

If like us you will be stretching your stomach to its limits over the next few days then the specially devised light January menu at Babbo packed with superfoods that will help reenergise, revitalise and beat the post-Christmas bulge will be a welcome treat. The menu is inspired by Italian ingredients especially chosen for their vitamin and mineral-rich properties with dishes like yellow fin tuna carpaccio comes served with Tuscan melon and fresh almonds.

Get your 7-a-day in one meal at Rivea

We’re pretty sure we weren’t even sticking to our 5-a-day, so we were left far behind when the foodies in science labs upped it to 7. Luckily for us head chef at Rivea, Damien Leroux, has channelled his love of fresh seasonal vegetables into a vibrant and nutritious menu to help diners rejuvenate in January. We all know fruit and vegetables can help prolong life and cut the risk of heart disease but sometimes it can be challenge getting them all in, in January the Rivea will be providing a detox menu filled with a rainbow of vegetables with dishes like the hearty Provence-style vegetable Caponata with aubergine, courgettes, fennel and red peppers.

Julie Montagu’s Superfood Menu at Bumpkin

 Kick start the New Year and your immune system with a superfood breakfast menu created by Julie Montagu whose name you might recognise from The Flexi Foodie, at all Bumpkin restaurants. Breakfast dishes to choose from include the Green Smoothie Bowl – a blend of pure goodness with almond milk, banana, pear, apple, spinach, kale, watercress, spirulina, chia seeds, granola and coconut flakes, and every wholefood store’s most well-known product, Chia Pots protein-packed with almond milk, honey, blueberries, walnuts, coconut flakes and goji berries.

 January Detox Spa at the Corinthia

It’s always a good idea to indulge in a spa treatment but after all the mandatory time spent with distant family members and one too many hangovers, after Christmas will surely be an ideal time. Throughout the hole of January The Corinthia will be offering their January Detox which promises to revitalise your body and mind. Begin the day with a 2 course lunch and your choice of champers or orange juice and then spend the day relaxing with a Detoxifying Body Cleanse, Skin Purifying Facial and access to the private gym and extensive Thermal Floor. 

Detox Bento Boxes at Nobu Berkeley ST
The Japanese are known for their healthy diets so it’s no surprise that sushi is a must have for a detox. Nobu has created a special Detox Bento Box which includes four delicious dishes like their Nobu san’s signature sushi rolls, which arel ow in saturated fats and jam packed with essential omega-3. To wash it down will be a vitamin-filled juice a perfect liquid replacement for any of you giving your livers a rest for the 2015 Dryathlon!