Oh weekend, hello dear friend! It’s that time again and we’re jolly glad of it too! This weekend you can shake your tail feather at a four-day birthday party bonanza or explore some neon restaurants that we’re sure will light up your life. Whatever’s on the menu, here are some of our top picks…

It’s A (Neon) Sign! 10 Places To See The Lights

Neon just makes everything look so much sexier doesn’t it?! Neon was discovered in 1898 by the British scientists Willian Ramsay and Morris W. Travers (give a point to us Brits), and since it’s become increasingly popular, especially with the advent of Insta and the ability to grab a snap posing next to the signs. Neon signage was in fact an important cultural phenomenon in the United States, which is why we see neon whizzing about on billboards and in busy city scapes.

There’s no denying that we love neon, and if you slap any word up on the wall and in neon it’ll be enticing, no matter its meaning. So, we had a lightbulb moment and decided to scope out all of the London eateries/bars/cafes championing neon signage. Why not visit one this weekend? Find them here

Website: Neon Lights This Way...

Where To Get Your Daytime Rave On

Whilst for some of us a buzzing weekend involves a cup of Ovaltine and a choccie biscuit before bed, others are out at day raves drinking all sorts and hair-of-the-dogging it until the birds come a’tweeting! For those who fit into the latter bracket, here are some venues that never want the party to end (and rightly so!) From adult pits to disco-ing until dawn, there’s something for everyone…

Website: The Party Is This Way...

Second Impressions Exhibition

If you’re in need of a self care style weekend, perusing art galleries and exhibitions and avoiding alcohol at all costs, then this is for you. Fi Katzler is an internationally-renowned artists that produces incredible paintings like the one above. Her second solo exhibition at Cricket Fine Art gallery in Chelsea can be enjoyed this weekend with delicacies that promote bold colours and vibrant oil paintings that sue her fast brush technique. The pieces are wholly unique in nature and are available for purchase.

April 2nd -27th

Where: Cricket Fine Art Gallery, 2 Park Walk, Chelsea, SW10 0AD
Website: www.fikatzler.com

Where To Eat Out In… Southwark

As with many London boroughs the lines are often pretty blurred when it comes to where on starts and the other ends. This week around though, we had a plug at Southwark, or that inconspicuous bit by Waterloo, as it might be more commonly known. However, this part of London does in fact house some of our greatest landmarks; The Tate Modern, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and The Shard being just three, and, alongside these, there are also some pretty awesome places to eat. Our favourites were as follows…

Website: Food This Way...

The Number 90 Birthday Party

Who doesn’t love a birthday party? Unless you don’t know anyone and you’re awkwardly stood spooning your third helping of jelly and ice-cream into your bowl… sorry, I’ll start reminiscing over my childhood. Back to business, Number 90 is celebrating its 5th birthday and we’re jolly glad because it means we can shake our tail feather and grab some drinks over the course of four, yes four days! The four day part will include DJ sets, food, cocktails and a Saturday surprise! It’s all free and located in Hackney Wick, canal-side. What are you waiting for?!

FREE entry. 4-7th of April 

Where: 90 Main Yard, Wallis Road, Hackney Wick, E9 5LN
Website: More Information Here

Free Pints? Yes please!

You’re going to love this one! Free pints with every pizza are being handed out at BrewPub in Shoreditch and and we’re hops, skipping and jumping our way there! To celebrate Deep Dish Pizza Day – yep, that’s a thing – Goose Island are offering Londoners the chance to enjoy their 6-medal winning IPA (on the house!) Simply purchase a pizza and free beer it is – easy peasy.

On Friday, 5th of April from 12-5pm

Where: BrewPub, 222 Shoreditch High Street, E1 6PJ
Website: www.gooseislandshoreditch.com

30 Incredible April Pop-Ups

Yes, the rumours are indeed true, the sun is beginning to show its face and boy are we glad after a dismal Jan and an oh, so slow Feb. So, without further ado, we’re inviting you to enjoy a range of pop-ups that’ll have you jumping into the next season with a Spring in your step. Find them here!

Website: Here's What's Poppin'


Calling all beer drinkers… oh, so that’s most of you then! San Miguel has officially launched a beer terrace at Somerset House providing you with a huge range of cold ones to enjoy in the sunny wea… oh, well the weather isn’t great right now, but it’s England so who knows what to expect! The incredible terrace is the exclusive UK home of the San Miguel Tap Station and only opened on the 29th of March so you’ll be one of the first to sample its greatness. With varying degrees of hops, malts and ABV available you better beer there…

Where: Somerset House, Strand, WC2R 1LA
Website: Find More Information Here

Bistro Vadouvan

It’s the boat race on the 7th of April – eek! How intense is the race? There are always level pegging until the very end, making edge of seats the usual place to be when it’s happening. So, why not enjoy the edge of a seat at Vadouvan who are throwing their Boat Race Brunch courtesy of the race. From 11am you can enjoy bottomless prosecco, plus there’s a gorgeous terrace overlooking the river so you’ll be able to keep your beady eye on all the action!

On 7th April from 11am

Where: 30 Brewhouse Lane, Putney, SW15 2JX
Website: www.bistrovadouvan.co.uk

Free Cheeseburgers

You may have just read that Shoreditch is handing out free beer this Friday, but how does free cheeseburgers sound every single Friday? Yep, we thought that’d grab your attention. Nikki’s Bar has joined foodie forces with Dip & Flip to give everyone that orders a a cocktail or beer before 7pm every Friday a free burger. Blimey, with tough weeks and that Friday feeling lingering it sounds like a whole lotta free burgers are going to be handed around! The bar is the place to be on a Friday night, offering vivacious cocktails including  the Pineapple Negroni and the Toasted Popcorn Sour with the XO Espresso Martini. You’d beef silly not to…

Where: 39A Hoxton Square, N1 6NN
Website: www.nikkisbar.co.uk

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