Vegan Cheese

Whether you’re newly plant-based, lactose intolerant or looking to simply cut down your dairy intact, we’ve rounded up the best vegan cheese brands on the market.

From Sheese, the plant-based cheese brand that’s been knocking around since the last 80s, to Honestly Tasty, the brand that’s managed to create the most indulgent vegan camembert, here are the cheeses to add to your next homemade cheeseboard. Looking for more Veganuary ideas? Check out London’s finest plant-based restaurants

The 7 best vegan cheeses worth trying

Kinda Co.

Born out of a life-long addiction to cheese, Ellie’s journey into vegan cheese was one of experimentation and quickly grew into a commercial enterprise. Now nearly five years later, Kinda Co. boasts nine varieties of dairy free cheese and sells at independent stores nationwide, as well as still selling locally at markets in London and the South of England and online. 

From bundles to spreads, Kinda Co. have crafted a whole range of delicious varieties to pick and choose from. For those who love a cheese spread, the Farmhouse Creamy Spread is deliciously sharp in flavour and is made using a cultured cashew base, while the classic Farmhouse block is great in sandwiches and as a great alternative for your dairy-free cheese board. For something a little different, try out the garlic and herb, smoked chilli or the spirulina blue.

I Am Nut Ok

The perfect addition to any cheese board, vegan or not, I Am Nut Ok is a Hackney based vegan cheese brand founded by an American and Italian couple, Angela and Nivi. What started as a passion project to help Nivi give up his love affair with dairy cheese, has since formed our favourite vegan cheese brand. 

I Am Nut Ok uses a mix of traditional and new techniques to really eek out the best they can from plant-based ingredients, mixing them alongside herbs and spices before fermenting and ageing to become the vegan cheeses they are today. 

With over 15 to choose from, expect everything from vegan ricotta to Bluffalo Notazzarella, a creamy take on the classic pizza topping. For the perfect addition to your toasties, add in the Meltdown Smoky Not Cheese and welcome a melt sensation. Think American style cheese with a touch of smokiness.

Honestly Tasty

If you’re a self confessed camembert addict but you’ve recently converted to veganism or you’re simply trying to ditch the dairy, let us introduce you to Honestly Tasty, a vegan food start-up based in Haringey who have perfected the rich camembert without the dairy. 

The Shamembert is made with an authentic rind meaning you can bake them easily and really soak up the best of the indulgent oozy cheese. To add an extra level of indulgence, the centre has been infused with truffle oil too. It really is the staple of any cheeseboard so make sure to add one to your cart before your next dinner party. 

Another cheeseboard staple, take a look at the Veganzola. It’s made using almonds and real Penicillium Roqueforti, and is matured for several weeks so you really get that distinct blue flavour.


Deriving from the Isle of Bute in Scotland, Sheese has been part of the vegan cheese movement since the late 1980s, and has since created some of the best vegan cheeses widely available on the market. 

Nowadays their range includes everything from mature cheddar to edam, Greek style to Wensleydale, plus they’ve got six delicious spreadable cheeses to choose from too. Level up your cheese toastie with their Red Leister style block or mix up a cheesecake with their original spreadable option.

Palace Culture 

Made using organic cashews and almonds which are soaked and then fermented with live cultures, Palace Culture has crafted a range of cheeses to be enjoyed by vegans and others alike. 

Tuck into the creamy spreads, including the Truffle Black Pepper which makes for a perfect cheeseboard addition or the Holy Smoke, one to enjoy with tortilla chips. Or, simply try their range of hard cheeses, from The Moldy Goaty or Herbes De Provence. They’ve also got a tangy Organic Almond and Cashew Feta which you’ll want to add to your revived vegan Greek salad.


Inspired by classics, JULIENNE BRUNO uses complex and innovative techniques crafted by a team of international chefs to produce familiar but new products. Now available at Selfridges London Foodhall, the brand creates simple flavours using only plant-based ingredients.

‘Collection 01’ includes three products: the delicate Burrella, a veganised burrata that’s firm on the outside and creamy on the inside, and best served with freshly baby plum tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil and fresh basil; the Original Spread, a light, creamy and whipped cheese great for toast, pasta sauces, cheesecakes and dessert frosting; and the Superstraccia, a creamy option great for pizzas, sandwiches and salads.

Made fresh each week in-house, the cheeses are made from organic soya and coconut oil, naturally fermented through a bespoke system.


Mouse’s Favourite

Having grown up in Jersey, Gabrielle Le Cocq knows just how nostalgic and familiar cheese and dairy can be, which is why Mouse’s Favourite replicates all of the fermentation cultures and processes so dearly loved and used in cheese making. But being part of the vegan movement, the company also embraces new flavours and blends them with the best parts of tradition. 

Fall back in love with cheese thanks to Mouse’s Favourite’s delicious range. Enjoy everything from the Aged Dulse, an organic cashew mix that’s aged to develop the rich umami flavours, to the creamy Camembert Style that’s made with an authentic rind. 

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