Luxe Bath Oils To Supercharge Your Soak

By Tamara Corin | 13th February 2023

Is there anything better than a long soak in the tub after a challenging day? Pour a beautifully scented bath oil into the water and you’ll instantly upgrade your bathtime to spa status – and we’re unapologetically wallowing in it! Unlike bubbles, bath oils don’t contain foaming agents that can be tough on your skin and are usually full of hydrating essential oils that pack in moisture. Make bathing a weekly ritual to help calm busy minds and soothe tired bods, there’s very little a dip in the tub can’t solve.

Take some inspo from the beauty experts by pimping up your bathroom into a relaxing oasis with these luxurious bath buys…

Susanne Kaufmann Oil Bath For The Senses, £30

Not only insanely beautiful to look at, but this bottle of soul-soothing blend of oils will encourage deep relaxation even when you thought it wasn’t possible. Potent, in a good way, super-hydrating and skin-strengthening this stunning blend of ylang ylang, patchouli and lavender will press reset and ease you into slumber mode, fast.

REN Clean Skincare Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil, £35

This legendary product has been the brand’s bestseller for umpteen years and with good reason. Adored for its warm geranium and rose scent, the Moroccan rose oil is steam-distilled to preserve its delicate fragrance and antibacterial properties. Consider this your spa at-home experience.

Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil, £55

Always a winner in this category. Aromatherapy Associates is iconic for their incredibly powerful bath oils, many insomniacs have become reliant on the scent to get to sleep. The super blend of vetiver, calming chamomile and sandalwood, is nothing short of magical. Your eyelids will become heavy with just one sniff.

Olverum Bath Oil, £39.50

Reportedly a favourite with the Royal family, Olverum’s heady bath oil is heavily moisturising and scented with a fresh greeny/herby/foresty blend of high-quality oils that create a fragrant hit that quickly envelops your bathroom.

Bamford Geranium Bath Oil, £48

Formulated with lavender, peppermint and tonka essential oils, which work to energise the senses, while geranium helps to soothe inflammation and balance the skin. Throw in some eucalyptus, and you’re good to go! Sensory overload just minus the headiness.

Neal’s Yard Geranium & Orange Bath Oil, £19

This is a great choice if you prefer an uplifting morning bath as opposed to a wind-down evening soak. Geranium and orange essential oils create a bath experience that boosts mind, body and soul and gets you ready to seize the day ahead.

Cowshed Sleep Bath Oil, £30

This is like sleep therapy in a bottle. Created with a potent blend and high concentration of lavender, chamomile, geranium, frankincense, and jasmine that melts away the day as soon as you step into the tub. This should come with a warning it’s so powerful!

Oskia Vitamin E Bath Oil, £78

Not a bath oil to pour too sparingly into your tub, this deeply nourishing bath oil comes at a price, but it does the work of multiple bath and body products. This heady, uplifting blend of over thirty of the purest flower oils and extracts balances and restores the mind, while vitamin E heals and protects skin.

Comfort Zone Tranquility Oil For Bath & Body, £46.50

Turning from oil into milk on contact with water, this bath oil is created with a blend of herbaceous amaranth oil and essential oils, which bring an aromatic scent without being imposing. A great choice for overactive minds.

Lixirskin Universal Oil, £39

The ultimate in oils, this true multi-tasker can be used in the bath, shower, body, hair, skin, and scalp. It leaves your body feeling amazingly hydrated and looking sheeny-shiny perfect. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

ESPA Positivity Bath & Body Oil, £36

Aptly named, this rich essential oil concoction is vibrant, uplifting and a sensible choice if you need an energy boost before a night out.

Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin Bath Oil, £52

Could this be the perfect gift? You can always rely on Jo Malone to give your evening soak a luxury overhaul and your bath line up some glamour.

Elemental Herbology Rejuvenate Bath & Body Oil, £33

Based on the traditional Chinese Five Element Theory (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water) that to create balance and harmony, all elements need to be equally working together. This ‘wood’ oil is packed full of rosemary and nutmeg to relieve tired limbs and tense shoulders, bringing all-round relaxation.

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