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In need of a boost you get you through the week? From uplifting podcasts to self-development books, we’ve made it our mission help you get through January. This week’s instalment comes in the form of motivational playlists, to help you combat those trickier weeks, while still staying focused at work.

7 motivational playlists to listen to

Monday: Monday Motivation

This one might seem like a bit of a cop out but to get you through Monday morning, you’re going to need all of the motivation you can get and where better to start than with Spotify’s Monday Motivation playlist. Boasting six hours of tunes, the playlist is filled with beats from Harry Styles, Whitney Houston and P!nk.

Tuesday: White Noise 

You didn’t sleep well last night, did you? Thought not. Relax tonight with this soothing, motivational playlist designed to help promote a healthy and comforting sleeping environment. Spotify’s White Noise playlist is filled with the pacifying hum you’d expect but in a more refined sense. You can forget the usual static sounds you’d expect to hear when your TV isn’t tuned in properly, here there are carefully crafted songs created to help guide you into a blissful sleep.

Wednesday: Stress Relief 

Let’s face it. Nobody likes a Wednesday. It’s a day that always seems to be filled with the impending pressures and work tasks of the days preceding and yet we’re still days away from celebrating the weekend. Here to help you combat your worries is Spotify’s Stress Relief motivational playlist. It’s filled with gentle pianos, soft melodies and ambient synths, perfect for soothing your stresses but not too many lyrics that you’ll fall into a singing trap and get distracted. 

Thursday: 80s Dance Hits 

Forget your worries and woes, tackle Thursday the right way with this killer 80s playlist. It’s filled with all of the golden hits from the best music era, featuring everyone from Grace Jones to David Bowie, Madonna to George Michael. The clue’s in the name really but you will want to dance, or at least head bop, the day away.

Friday: Feelin’ Good

The perfect pick-me-up to any stressful week, Spotify’s Feelin’ Good playlist is filled with a hundred timeless hits that’ll no doubt get you tapping along and even miming the words while you’ve got it on in the background of your Zoom meeting.

As for the tunes, expect everyone from Ella Fitzgerald to Irma Thomas, Leon Bridges to Bill Withers to be making an appearance on this whopping five and a half hour long playlist. It’s got over 3million followers so it must be doing something right.

Saturday: Groove Theory

You’ve made it through the week, yippee! Here to guide you on your way to a great weekend is Spotify’s Groove Theory, the playlist that’s filled with seven and a half hours of soulful house and disco beats. You’ll be chirpily singing and grooving your Saturday away to Dua Lipa and Kylie Monogue.

Sunday: Light & Easy

After a Saturday night of dancing, you’re going to need a playlist to fuel your heavy Sunday head and prepare you for a busy week ahead. That’s why we’ve chosen Spotify’s Light & Easy playlist. It’s filled with over five hours of breezy tunes, from Coldplay’s ‘Yellow’ to Maroon 5’s ‘Memories’.

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