We Ask Bodyism CEO, Nathalie Schyllert, How To Get Fit For Summer

Nathalie Schyllert interview

Summer is finally here (praise be!), so we sat down with Bodyism personal trainer and CEO, Nathalie Schyllert, to get her top tips for training. With a background in professional dance and experience in modelling, it’s no wonder she took her skills to the Notting Hill wellness brand Bodyism.

Bodyism is a wellness brand that links the heart, mind, body and soul, offering personal training, specialised group classes and spa treatments.

Finding time to exercise while keeping up a busy lifestyle and managing little ones can often prove difficult, but Nathalie takes it all in her stride. We chat to her about how she balances it all…


Where does your love for fitness come from?

From a very young age I have always enjoyed the power of movement, as I was a ballet dancer at the Royal Ballet School in Sweden and have been passionate about fitness ever since. 

What inspired you to join Bodyism? 

 My early experiences as a dancer inspired me to move on to my next career as a Personal Trainer at Bodyism, which I have been for the past 13 years.

What advice would you give to anyone who is struggling to find time to work out?

Try adding in a healthy habit to your routine each week, as small changes can accumulate to see a big difference! We love recommending Intelligent Change’s 5 minute Journal to our members, The Fit Edition is a great way to set goals as well as monitoring and reflecting on your progress.

Try adding in a healthy habit to your routine each week, as small changes can accumulate to see a big difference!

What do you do to unwind?

 A massage with Nubia or yoga with Suzie at Bodyism is an absolute must for me to unwind after a busy day. In the evening, I drink a cup of Bodyism’s Serenity powder two hours before bed. It contains chamomile and magnesium, and I mix it with oat milk, making it super comforting.

What advice do you have for those struggling with body confidence?

Focus on your strengths and positive traits, as simply being kind to yourself can boost your internal confidence! Try to ignore the noise of unrealistic expectations on social media and do things that make YOU feel good. Mindset and who you surround yourself with plays a huge part in body confidence. At Bodyism, we’re all about feeling your absolute best emotionally, mentally, and physically.


It can be hard to find the drive to work out; what keeps you motivated?

Do something you love! Not only will you stick to it, you’ll enjoy it and therefore be more motivated to transform it into a long-lasting lifestyle change, which will fit naturally into your routine in time.

Try to ignore the noise of unrealistic expectations on social media and do things that make YOU feel good.

Top tips for toning up in a healthy way?

Overall, the training styles that work best for my body are the ones using my own body weight instead of heavier weights, and a mix of high and low-intensity exercises such as Barre or yoga also helps. Food-wise, Bodyism’s Protein Excellence is packed full of nutrients and minerals to fuel and tone the body!

Nutrition plays a huge part in a healthy lifestyle – what are your go-to recipes?

 To make you glow from the outside in, start every morning by having a special shake of coconut water, cucumber, ice and Bodyism’s Beauty Food supplement. It has the perfect mix of marine collagen, peptides, and antioxidants to help fight ageing.

 A healthy lunch option is my staple tuna salad, consisting of healthy fats such as avocado and olive, paired with quinoa and vegetables and topped with a tasty honey and Dijon mustard drizzle.

What are your 5 sweat-proof beauty buys? 

I use these beauty products every day: Dior Prestige Serum and La Cream, Chanel Oil make-up remover, Lernberger Stafsing face oil. Makeup-wise, I use the Charlotte Tilbury Foundation, eyebrow definer by BBB, Pink blusher and black mascara as the stay power is second to none!

I would say my personal motto is “we rise by lifting others” which is written on all the walls at Bodyism and perfectly reflects the philosophy of the brand.

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Bodyism offers exclusive membership opportunities; which other London member’s clubs do you love?

I’ve been a member of Soho House for over 13 years now. In the past I used the membership mostly for meetings in the London houses but over the last few years, after having kids, I now mainly use it to book family cabins at Soho Farmhouse. I’m also a member at Annabel’s and used to be a part of their “Women of Influence” committee for many years.  I use my membership to attend their lovely events or I go to their garden for breakfast meetings. 

What is your guilty pleasure? 

I love Swedish candy and I have to have some at least once a week. The salty liquorice and sour types are my favourites.  In the past, I went all the way to a special Swedish shop to get them but luckily nowadays I can buy a selection on Ocado!

Bodyism’s flagship is in Notting Hill; we’d love to share your Handbook for the area – what are your favourite restaurants/cafes/coffee shops/culture/shopping spots?

I go to Granger & Co for breakfast at least once a week, I love their gluten-free bread with homemade almond butter and their coffees are delicious. For lunch, I love Sumi, it’s the only Japanese restaurant in Notting Hill that I go back to time after time. For dinner, I always find that Gold has a great atmosphere and delicious drinks. I also want to try Dorian, it’s apparently super fun and great food. On Deliveroo, I often order healthy dinners from Jusu Brothers and salads from Atis.

Soho Home is the best for home interiors inspiration, it’s dangerously close to Bodyism so I always pop in to see their new pieces! Diptyque has the best selection of candles and it’s a perfect gift to get if we are going to someone’s house for dinner.  Wild At Heart has the most beautiful flower bouquets that last well over a week. The list goes on, as you can see Notting Hill is the best area in London, in my opinion!


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You’ve launched several activewear collections; what are your 3 favourite pieces to workout in?  

Currently I love to workout in a pair of High waisted Varley leggings , they are so comfortable and stay up even when I do some complicated yoga positions. They also look nice and trendy if I have a meeting before or after training. Then I usually wear a Lululemon Sport bra with a Bodyism t-shirt over.

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