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Eager to join a book club but don’t know where to find one? Need a nudge to get back into reading? Introducing the online book club, a space where you can join like-minded literature lovers and delve deep into the minds of literary legends in a safe space.

From celebrity endorsed book clubs to the group dedicated to non-fiction, we’ve rounded up seven online book clubs helping you to get back into reading.



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Reese’s Book Club

For those looking for book recommendations with a seal of approval from a celeb, look to Reese’s Book Club. It’s the brainchild of actor and lover of literature, Reese Witherspoon. Each month you’ll find the Legally Blonde star hand selecting a new book to read, each with one overlapping theme: a woman is at the centre of the story. 

Each book is selected after careful consideration and in the past there have been a real mix of genres, stories and symbols coming to play. At this book club, Reese also picks a seasonal novel too to go alongside. January’s book club read is The House in the Pines by Ana Reyes, an intoxicating thriller following Maya who is determined to prove that her best friend was murdered by her then boyfriend. 


Oprah’s Book Club 

If there’s one person you can trust to recommend a gripping read it’s Oprah. The American TV host, author and philanthropist first introduced a book club segment into her show in 1996 and has since gone online, offering up discussions on a whole host of books, topics and themes. 

Back in 2019, Apple TV even launched a show dedicated to the club, allowing readers to get deep into the discussion and discover new books and authors. 

There are always a host of exciting book recommendations, from gritty crime fiction to love stories, plus in depth discussions and inspo for budding writers out there.



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Curl Up Club 

Content creator Jenn Im, known for her fashion inspiration and chatty videos, is also an eager reader so decided to set up an online book club for fellow readers to come together and discuss the stories chosen. 

Selected by Jenn herself, she picks a new book each month and hosts regular monthly book discussions over Zoom with those looking to unpick the narratives, themes and plots. Right now, January’s pick is Recapture the Rapture by Jamie Wheal. Jenn describes it as “the perfect blend of anthropology, neurology, biology, psychology, and the rest of the oligies~ with a powerful toolkit to create meaning and transcendence.”


Beth’s Book Club 

From Q&A sessions to workshops with life coaches and creatives, Beth’s Book Club is more than meets the eye. Set up back in 2019, the online platform has become a hub of activity, offering a space for book lovers alike to come together and make friends over a shared love of books. 

Every month the Club runs a series of events and online activities alongside the regular book of the month feature, and they’ve also introduced movie nights. 


Netflix Book Club 

Back in 2021, Netflix did something totally out of character and launched a book club! It’s no secret that Netflix loves to adapt a book into a film or bingeable TV series. We’ve seen it happen a hundred times over, from Virgin River to Bridgerton. But how many of you reading this can honestly say you’ve read the book to every Netflix original? Which is where their new book club comes in. 

The Netflix Book Club allows bookworms and avid film watchers to join together through a shared love for the characters. In partnership with Starbucks, they want us to see how the latest book-to-screen adaptations work, so they’ll encourage us to read the novels and watch the film or series adaptations, and then the host (more on who it is later…) will sit down with the stars and storytellers behind the adaptations over a cup or two of coffee. Expect to get a deep dive into the topics, themes, characters and stories that have been brought to life through paper and screen.

This month’s spotlight book is The Brass Verdict: A Lincoln Lawyer Novel by Michael Connelly. 


Between Two Books

Born out of a tweet, Florence Welsh set up Between Two Books back in 2012 after a fan got in touch saying they would love recommendations from the singer. Quickly it drew traction, with fans all over the world coming together and BTB was quickly birthed. 

Now, the community is still led by its original members, along with Florence, Maria and Terri-Jane, with book discussions taking place all over the internet. There are often events, including Q&As, workshops and in-depth chats with authors and fellow book lovers.



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Rebel Book Club 

If you’re more into non fiction, fear not as Rebel Book Club is dedicated to curious minds looking to uncover new topics, stories and ways of life. 

It’s super easy to join in too, choose a membership to fit your reading goals and lifestyle. Members are then invited to vote on three non-fiction books on a set theme and you’ll receive weekly nudges and discussions, and there you’ll be able to join the in-person and virtual meet ups – many of the meetings take place in cities and towns around the UK and beyond.


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