Whether you’re after a playlist that’s powerful enough to see you through your high intensity workout or you’re looking for a soft sounding yoga soundtrack to pop on while you practise to the rise of the sun, we’ve handpicked our favourite eight Spotify playlists that’ll ensure you smash your workout. 

Run to the beat of The Clash, skip to the sound of Sigrid and re-energise with some hip hop favourites. Read on to find out what to listen to while breaking a sweat. 

Sweat It Out

For those hitting the gym or trialling out a new high intensity workout at home, look to Spotify’s Sweat It Out playlist. Regularly updated, it’s packed with fifty songs that are sure to get your body moving and blood flowing. 

Expect to be skipping to Sigrid, running to The Weeknd, pumping weights to Carly Rae Jepsen and interval training to Anne-Marie and Little Mix.

Home Workout

Perfect for those who are still yet to brave the gym post-lockdown, the Home Workout playlist is packed with powerful tunes to get you through your workout session, home-side. 

Get back into shape with all of that lockdown workout equipment you invested in and journey through the workout motions to Navos, Monki, Redlight and AJ Tracey. Take this playlist with you wherever you workout, from your living room to the park, local gym to Ibiza beach.

Hip Hop Yoga

Who said yoga had to be filled with airy light music? Flick on Spotify’s Hip Hop Yoga playlist for a session with a difference. 

Relax, refresh and energise with the likes of Mac Miller, Noname, Childish Gambino and Lizzo playing in the background. You’ll be downward dogging whilst these hip hop heroes keep you focused, happy and still.

Born To Run 150 BPM

Staying at the same pace throughout your daily run is a hard thing to grasp. Some days you’ll be slower while others will see you running at a faster pace. But for those training for a race or are just looking to run at a consistent pace, there’s of course a Spotify playlist that’ll help you do so. 

Spotify’s Born To Run playlist has been designed to boast songs that help you keep up a constant pace of 150 BPM. And you’ll be glad to know it’s packed with heavy rock classics to keep you moving, from The Clash to the Pretenders. 

Sunrise Yoga 

For the early risers, relish in your yin yoga with this peaceful soundtrack. Designed with those wanting to catch the morning sunrise in mind, this playlist is packed with over 200 songs that are relaxing, soft and perfect for some slow yoga. 

Reconnect with your body while listening to Sal Lastra, Gloans, Lorne Kroos and Astra Terra. You won’t want to start your morning any other way.

Motivation Mix 

If working out doesn’t come naturally to you, we feel you. It’s hard to constantly have the right mindset to get you wanting to workout consistently when it’s so much easier to just lull on the sofa watching Netflix originals. But Spotify’s Motivation Mix might just give you the boost you need to get through your morning exercise routine. 

Boasting 100 songs and over five hours worth of play time, there’s a whole lot to look forward to from Dua Lipa to Major Lazer, Nonsens to Vicetone.

Energy Booster Pop

For those looking to fine tune their workout regime to the sound of Taylor Swift, Lorde, Camila Cabello and Lady Gaga, try out the Energy Booster: Pop mixtape. It’s packed with all your favourites that’ll ensure you won’t have to skip through any tunes that blast through your headphones mid StairMaster routine.

Drill Work 

For the high intensity workouts, it’s got to be Spotify’s Drill Work playlist. Packed with 50 songs, you are guaranteed to find a few favourites to help you get through your drill sessions. 

These songs are anything but repetitive, so even though you’ll be repeating your exercises over and over, at least you’ll have a soundtrack that won’t get boring.

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