Press For Champagne! 5 Hotels & Restaurants With Boozy Butler Buttons

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all be transported back to the era of Downton Abbey and indulge in the life of the upper classes. Every wish and whim would be fulfilled with the simple ring of a bell. In would come a butler to serve up your breakfast, your afternoon tea, or your favourite tipple (make mine a whisky sour please).

But maybe we don’t have to disappear back to the early 1900s. Maybe this kind of service is right on our doorstep. Ever since Bob Bob Ricard brought the “press for champagne” button to the dining scene, other restaurants have made it their mission to make butler buttons a part of every meal. We’re certainly not complaining. In fact, we’re pushing the button for a bellini as we speak…

Flemings Mayfair

Apparently next week is the beginning of Negroni week. For those of you who like a sharp dose of bitters and a healthy dollop of vermouth, then this one’s for you. For one week only, you can summon up an expert mixologist to create your custom cocktail in a suite at Flemings Mayfair with the push of a butler button. What’s more, the first two Negronis will be on the house.

Alternatively, you can mix and blend your own creations in the suite or head down to the Manetta’s Bar to sample the Negroni menu yourself, where they’re jazzing up the old classics. Try a Chocolate Negroni, the Oaxacan with tequila, a French featuring Remy Martin, or a Negroni Fizz.

Price: The Negroni Suite is priced at £399 for two, inclusive of two Negronis on the house (in room or at the bar) plus breakfast the following morning
Where: 7-12 Half Moon St, London W1J 7BH


For anyone who didn't know that Lucky Voice has a button just for booze until now: you're welcome

Lucky Voice

For anyone who didn’t know that Lucky Voice has a button just for booze until now: you’re welcome. Hire a private booth and not only do you get to belt out your favourite songs, dress up in silly wigs and don ridiculous sunglasses, but you also get to have G&Ts on tap. Some would say this could be your downfall, others will say that this can turn a casual Friday night into a seriously good party. Just don’t blame us when you’re handed a bill that’s the same as your monthly rent. You have been warned.

Where: Holborn, Soho and Islington

Bob Bob Ricard

Bob Bob Ricard is well-known for pouring more champagne than any other restaurant in London. Or so they say. It’s easy to believe when each table is equipped with its very own “press for champagne” service. Push the button, as the Sugababes would say, and get bubbles delivered whenever your glass is empty. Settle into the banquet seating and indulge in a mix of British and Russian classics, from caviar to chicken Kiev to beef Wellington.

Where: City and Soho 

Push the button, as the Sugababes would say

St Pancras Brasserie and Champagne Bar by Searcys

Turn up the glamour for your next journey out of town with a pit-stop at Searcys in St Pancras. Indulge in the Art Deco details by famed designer Martin Brudnizki and press the button for some bubbles to be delivered direct to your table. Take in the hubbub and watch as people come and go while you sip on your favourite vintage and tuck into smoked salmon blinis. Glass looking a bit empty? You know what to do…

Where: St Pancras International 

Glass looking a bit empty? You know what to do...

Flesh & Buns

For the best of Japanese dishes, head to Flesh & Buns near Oxford Circus. They serve up an array of mouthwatering fluffy steamed bao alongside maki rolls and chicken wings. To wash it down you can order sake, cider and cocktails. But to really add some oomph to your supper, “press for Pisco”, and have Pisco Sours delivered to your table for a punchy Peruvian hit. Dine out like you’re living your best Downton Abbey life.

Where: 32 Berners Street, W1T 3LR

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