Benicio Del Toro & Alicia Silverstone Lead New Thriller, Reptile

By Rufus Punt | 3rd October 2023
reptile netflix

The next thriller to whet your appetite is Reptile, starring Siciario and The French Dispatch star Benicio del Toro as a detective trying to solve the murder of a real estate agent. 

Set to land on Netflix this Friday 6th October, the film also stars Justin Timberlake and Alicia Silverstone. Here’s what we know…

What is Reptile about? 

Del Toro’s lead character, Tom Nichols, is a New England-based detective, who’s become grizzled and hardened in his years on the job, despite mostly only solving cases in a small town. A new mystery however appears on his desk and cuts past the hard-boiled exterior: a young real estate agent has been found dead, with murder being suspected. 

Her boyfriend is one of those implicated as a possible culprit, but there are other suspects too. The investigation is enough to start having an effect on Tom: “There’s a case going on…it’s a real nightmare” he says in Reptile’s first trailer. 

Reptile netflix

As he continues to collect evidence and push for answers, Tom begins to have serious reflections about himself and his job, and the case begins to affect the relationship with his wife.

Who is also set to star?

The murdered real estate agent’s boyfriend, Will Grady, is played by Timberlake, and hopefully, Reptile will give him a chance to give a performance like he gave in The Social Network and the Apple TV crime drama Palmer

Tom is seen interrogating Will and asking him “What happened?” and doesn’t seem to be entirely convinced by his answers. He also points to a mysterious figure who randomly showed up at their house, “acting strange.”

Tom’s wife, Judy, is meanwhile played by Silverstone and is drawn into the investigation as her husband looks for a culprit. But as the case starts unravelling, and suspects are scrutinised, uncomfortable truths are uncovered, and Judy becomes frustrated: “Are you going to tell me what’s going on?” she asks while the two are sat waiting in a car.

reptile netflix

Reptile is set to also star Sky Ferreira (American Woman) as Renee, the victim’s best friend, and another person under investigation, as well as Michael Pitt (Hannibal) as the mysterious man that showed up at Will’s house. Ato Essandoh (Extrapolations) also features as Nichol’s investigative partner Dan. 

The film is the directorial debut of Grant Singer, who’s been known for being behind the camera for music videos by artists like Sam Smith, Lorde and The Weeknd. 

When will Reptile be released?

Netflix’s Reptile will be premiering at Toronto International Film Festival, before landing on the streamer on 6th October 2023. 

Watch the trailer

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