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Whether you’re a health and wellness veteran or you’re just starting out, we’ve rounded up the thirteen best fitness influencers to follow to help you out on your journey.

From Adriene Mishler, the yoga YouTube sensation to follow for 30 day challenges, to Kayla Itsines, the woman behind the BBG movement, read on to find the fitness influencer right for you.

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Cassy Ho 


Helping to prove that pilates isn’t for the faint of heart is Cassy Ho aka Blogilates, the YouTube and fitness guru renowned for her 90-day journey challenges and high intensity workouts. 

When Cassy isn’t posting humorous reels, she’s helping her 2.3 million followers sculpt their glutes and workout in a fun, energising way. Over on her YouTube channel, you can join in with the millions of others to workout without having to purchase a whole load of gym equipment. All you need for a lot of her videos is a yoga mat, resistant band and a couple of weights, but most of the time, you don’t need anything at all. While on her blog, you can find an excess of protein packed recipes, challenges and programs that you can join in on at home.


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Lisa Lanceford 


Boasting a whopping 3million followers on Instagram, Lisa Lanceford aka @lisafiit is a fitness influencer with a difference. She’s crafted a platform dedicated to fitness, motivation and celebrating reaching goals. Back in 2015, she caught the fitness bug and quickly began picking up momentum and followers as she shared her tips, workouts and tricks on social media and her app, Strong and Sxy. 

Follow along on her adventure and achieve your own workout goals by following her reels and videos one at a time. 

We caught up with Lisa last year to find out her top tips for staying fit

Joe Wicks


The man of the lunch hour during Covid, Joe Wicks is of course the fitness guru to follow for beginner tips and quick, healthy dinner inspo. 

Now boasting 4.5 million followers on Instagram alone and a further 2.7million subscribers on his YouTube channel, it’s fair to say that Joe is on a mission to spread joy through fitness wherever he goes.


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Chrissy King


Health and wellness creator, Chrissy King boasts over 70k followers on Instagram and shares her views, stories, tips and inspiring words to her growing audience. You’ll find her sharing fitness, wellness and lifestyle content, as well as reels and videos designed to inspire her followers. 

Chrissy is also the creator of The Body Liberation Project, a place where everyone can feel comfortable in their skin, no matter their size, gender, race or ethnicity. Join her now and become part of the positive movement. 

That’s not all, Chrissy has an upcoming book launch. The Body Liberation focuses on the need to move away from body positivity to finding actual freedom in oneself.

Carly Rowena 


Helping to spread both joy and positivity through fitness is Carly Rowena, a fitness guru and personal trainer from Norwich. Boasting over 165k followers on Instagram and more than 422k subscribers on YouTube, Carly has created a platform that encourages and challenges you to embark on a healthy fitness journey, while also promoting body positivity and the importance of being kind to yourself and your body.

As well as sharing her own fitness journey and lifestyle content, she also founded the Moodment App, a space to connect with likeminded individuals, workout and challenge yourself.

More into your in-person meets? Carly also hosts regular retreats, from hiking in Peru to relaxing in Greece. 

Over on her Instagram she also posts regular fitness tips and videos you can join in on at home too.


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Kayla Itsines


Creator of the BBG program and co-founder of SWEAT, Kayla Itsines is one of the leading fitness giants in the internet world, helping to inspire and challenge individuals wherever they are in their fitness journey. 

Kayla is an Australian personal trainer and entrepreneur, and has crafted a space where women all over the world can come to improve their health and fitness lifestyle. She’s the creator of BBG, the bikini body guide and has created several programmes made up of 28-minute workout videos to help you get fitter and stronger more easily at home. 

With a wealth of over 15.3million followers on Instagram alone, she regularly uploads fitness challenges and bitesize workouts for her followers to follow along with at home, as well as posting fan transformation photos too, to help inspire individuals to embark on their fitness journey as well.

Right now Kayla is pregnant and posting regular workout routines during her pregnancy and post-pregnancy, the perfect influencer to follow if you’re expecting.

Peter Maciver


Helping celebrities and influencers achieve their fitness goals is Peter Maciver, aka PMAC. The personal trainer has brought his fitness regimes to the online world, offering training expertise and online sessions for eager fitness enthusiasts to take part in. 

Regular celebs who train with PMAC include Marvin and Rochelle Humes and they often do live Insta workouts for followers to join in on. 

PMAC also has several fitness programmes you can take part in, from the six-week ab plan to his new, eight-week good habit plan that helps you to achieve your goals while at home.

Lita Lewis


Fitness and wellness coach, Lita Lewis is as inspiring as they come. She shares everything from how to exercise safely while pregnant to tips and tricks for body positivity. Home to over 540k followers, she shares her journey openly with her audience, providing followers with a positive voice and someone to look up to when it comes to fitness done right. 

Lewis is the owner of Thick Athletics, an apparel and clothing brand that sells gorgeous fitness fits. She also hosts HelloFitness TV, a space where she talks health, wellness and fitness on YouTube.

Adriene Mishler 


If you’ve ever typed ‘yoga’ into YouTube before, chances are you’ll have landed on one of Adriene’s wealth of videos. Since launching her YouTube account Yoga with Adriene in 2012, she’s since grown into a yoga sensation boasting millions of followers, with her most watched video racking up a hefty 36 million views. 

Every year she launches a 30-day yoga challenge, allowing her viewers to embark on a yoga journey of their own, whether they’re starting out afresh or are more experienced. Her Instagram is a mixture of clips from her popular videos, lifestyle content and adorable photos of her pup Benji and his apt photobombing.


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Jessamyn Stanley


Helping to redefine the rules of yoga is Jessamyn Stanley aka My Name is Jessamyn. Boasting a whopping 465k followers on Instagram, it’s clear to see that people are interested too. Back in 2021, she was on the cover of Cosmopolitan UK too, sharing her views on how yoga and wellness doesn’t have to be defined by your size. 

From beginner classes through to advanced sessions, you can tackle your new isolation hobby in style with her online sessions on The Underbelly Yoga website and live yoga classes on her Instagram account. If you can’t get enough and want to learn more, she’s even got a book dedicated to breaking the stereotypes associated with the yoga community. It’s worth a read for any yogi-obsessed individual.

James Stirling 


The personal trainer known around town is James Stirling aka London Fitness Guy. James is known for his accessible and easy to follow at-home workouts and short fitness videos to inspire you to work out at home. 

Boasting over 500k followers on Instagram, James’ account is fuelled with guides, IGTV workout videos and circuit training routines you can follow along with at home. London Fitness Guy also has an app, meaning you can download the 12-week programmes that’ll help you stay on track and achieve your goals. You can also track your progress, develop a progressive plan to teach you the training styles to maximise your results and catch up on old videos.


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Kaisa Keranen 


This body positive fitness influencer brings all the good vibes. On her page, you’ll find workout videos as well as inspirational musings on loving your body. Kaisa feels that fitness is only made to enhance you, never change you.

Kaisa has set up a creative workout community called JUST MOVE with KaisaFit, offering unique workouts for everyone from beginner to experienced.


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