Fan of travel? Want to expand your horizons and knowledge of the world when you’re not able to actually jet off abroad yourself? Then a travel podcast is the next best thing. There’s a wealth of podcasts dedicated to globe trotting, providing listening that’s both humorous and educational. You’ll learn loads about the world and what it takes to travel it, and hear stories and get valuable tips on getting around countries.

The Travel Diaries

The Travel Diaries with Holly Rubenstein podcast is the number one most popular travel podcast in the UK, and for good reason: the travel and entertainment journalist is one of the most listenable podcast voices out there, with a show that delves into the mind of well travelled guests. Similar to Desert Island Discs, Rubenstein asks questions about what travels meant the most to her guests, with seven “travel chapters” of their life to uncover the exerperiences that changed them. Guests have included Miraim Margolyes, Steve Backshall, Sir Trevor McDonald, and the king of travel docs Sir Michael Palin.


Jump is a podcast that revolves around a simple premise: motivating you, the listener, to get out there and make the leap into adventure. Host Jackie Nourse (aka Traveling Jackie) has been  travelling around the world independently for nearly 20 years, and decided to take her travelling knowledge into the podcast realm with Jump. Each episode will teach you some of the most important info you need to know about travelling, like how to safely get water, how to long distance backpack and how to gather mental strength for hard journeys. There’s also Nourse’s earlier podcast, The Budget Minded Traveller, for tips on travelling on a budget.

Extra Pack of Peanuts

Hosted by Travis Sherry, this podcast is primarily aimed at helping you to “travel more, and spend less.” Along with plenty of interviews with seasoned travellers, Extra Pack of Peanuts will teach you all you need to know about frequent flyer miles, packing efficiently, finding cheap hotels and more. It also covers different countries and cities and what travelling there will likely entail, from weekends in Madrid to a month in India. There’s also the show’s “Top 10” lists, which tell you about the best of the best in travelling. It’s all conveniently bundled into a hand package of roughly hour long episodes dedicated to saving you money when travelling.

A Girl’s Guide To Travelling Alone

If you’re all about trekking off on your own, then A Girl’s Guide To Travelling Alone is one to check out. Ostensibly a podcast about female solo travel and keeping safe, there’s tons of advice in these half hour episodes for everyone to take note of. Practical advice about planning trips, working out exactly where to go and how to get there, how to meet up with others travelling solo whilst on the road and more. Most episodes have a guest helping to explain and give tips on a certain topic, often posing questions like “how much can travel help mental health?” “Can travel heal a broken heart?” “How do I travel after having kids?”. The show is a very easy and enlightening listen, and there’s even an episode dedicated to telling stories to help you fall asleep while you’re away from home.

The Thought Card

Dedicated to both travel and personal finance, The Thought Card wants to help you travel in style but without paying through the nose. Host Danielle Desir gives you her tips and advice to become a financially savvy traveller, keeping costs down and (where possible) luxury up. There’s guides to finding good hotels through TripAdvisor, saving money at airport shops and restaraunts, travel bank accounts and more. Desir also details different holiday destinations and where to go to experience culture, often with ideas you probably wouldn’t have thought of like where to find the best art in Arizona.

The Big Travel Podcast

Similar to The Travel Diaries, The Big Travel Podcast covers all kinds of stories from travellers coming from all walks of life. This is a show to listen to if you really want to hear some good travel stories, with a huge and diverse range of guests featuring. From celebrities, atheletes, authours, dedicated adventurers, SAS soldiers and sometimes just orindary regular people, you’d be able to hear some amazing tales about travel that’ll make you laugh, cry, and sometimes cringe at what unfolds. It’s all anchored by travel journalist and presenter Lisa Francesca Nand, and is a great way to escape.

National Trust

Conservation organisation the National Trust has a series of podcasts centered around some of the most amazing heritage sites in Britain, if you’d rather keep your travels domestic. You’ll be able to learn all about places that the Trust has in its care, with podcast playlists on gardens and walking some of the highlights to be found in their episode library. The National Trust Podcast has had six series so far, with the most recent featuring episodes on Welsh butterflies and Paul McCartney’s childhood home. It works best if you’re planning to visit a NT site, and want to know a bit more before (or after) you get there.

Music Planet: Road Trip

This podcast focuses on travel as told through and enhanced by music. Road Trip takes you on a tour of world music, focusing on different countries, cities and music genres in each episode. The BBC Radio 3 programme has had loads of episodes so far, covering a huge number of geographical areas and the instruments that define them, with a vast library of music to hear and experience. From Zimbabwe to Norway, Panama to North Carolina, you can learn so much about the way music shapes our world. Each episode is about 10-15 minutes long, which is great for a listen to expand your musical knowledge, or if you’re visiting somewhere in the world and want to get to know a place by its music.

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