‘Instagrammable’ is a term that’s thrown from pillar to post in the media. We’re definitely guilty of it, but what does this term actually mean? Is it somewhere that’s covered floor-to-ceiling in aesthetically pleasing interiors, are we searching for beautifully presented dishes, or is it a combination of all of this and a whole lot more? Whatever it is, we think we’ve finally found the spot that’s incorporating ‘Instagrammable’ in every which sense.

Let’s be honest, Embassy Gardens isn’t somewhere you’d usually find us lurking around because, other than the American Embassy base, there’s not a whole lot going on. Slowly but surely however, it’s an area of the city that appears to be rising up through the ranks and undergoing one hell of a regeneration, with a brand new wellness and lifestyle concept store, Linnaean, jumping in ahead of the game.

Yes, I know may be a little late to this hip new trend of ‘concept stores’ and they still slightly bewilder me, but I took to the ‘challenge’ and ventured down to find out if they are all they’re cracked up to be.

Named after the Swedish naturalist Carl Linnaeus, whose impressive work to the taxonomic rank helped communicate our understanding of who we are, and how we as individuals fit into the world surrounding us, Linnaean is a spot that’s on one hell of a health kick. Fused together through a love for health, beauty and lifestyle, all of your girlie needs are catered for here, from the health-driven cafe, natural beauty treatments, to a little lifestyle boutique for all of your self-pampering needs. 

Unlike most ‘Instagrammable’ venues, Linnaean manages to deliver on all accounts and ticks all of your interiors goals as soon as you step inside. The concept to me seemed a little confusing, but it’s actually incredibly well executed. Straight ahead, you’ll find the hair and beauty salon serving up killer styles, effortless facials and osteopathy treatments, while upstairs the medi-spa boasts the finest technology and skincare products in the game all of which are tailored to your individual skin types, concerns and problem areas.

On this certain freezing cold Saturday however, I dined in the floral haven, aka the health-focused restaurant. Think pastel colours, florals galore and mirrored walls, and you can pretty much picture this little haven. Despite all of this, it was honestly breathtaking. Yes, the flowers gracing the ceilings were fake but they genuinely looked exactly like the real deal. Every single aspect was immaculate but without being overbearing, it really was utterly beautiful.

The menu, designed by head chef Fran Winberg, is made up of plant-rich dishes which change along with the seasons. It’s heavily health focused, bursting with all of the prime nutrient rich ingredients executed perfectly. The golden tofu scramble, served alongside temp bacon, beetroot chorizo, mushrooms, roasted tomato and miso tikka on top of activated charcoal sourdough, was a real hit with both my partner and I. The beetroot chorizo, essentially fried beetroot, was the element that shone through thanks to its added crisp texture, while the activated charcoal bread made this guilty pleasure dish, that’s essentially a veggie take on the English brekkie classic, feel at least a little less guilty.

Another highlight was the ‘smoky ribs and beans’, a combination of parsnip ‘ribs’, spicy beans and sautéed jackfruit served with a healthy dollop of guacamole, coriander, jalapeños and chipotle mayonnaise. Think big smoky and vibrant flavours rather than half hearted attempts at a veggie chilli. Paired alongside a glass of a Portuguese Prunus Dão white, it washed down expertly.

The whole concept store had a really down to earth, laidback feel and I could honestly have spent the whole day just grazing on different delights and indulging in bougie treatments.

Linnanean, you’ve made us go into a full on floral frenzy, but you know for certain, we’re gonna be snapping you for a quick ‘gram.

Unlike most 'Instagrammable' venues, Linnaean manages to deliver on all accounts and ticks all of your interiors goals as soon as you step inside


TEL. 020 3971 0805


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