Everyone needs some inspiration now and then; something to make us think about life and what we can achieve, and a fantastic podcast can do just that. These are the best well-being podcasts to improve your mental health, get out there and achieve your goals in life.

With stories and interviews from some incredible people, these shows can help you get thinking about life and feel motivated – whether you want to start a business or just get out of a rough patch.

The Good Life Podcast

This podcast was set up in order to inspire and motivate listeners into living a more fulfilling life. We can all feel at times like life is passing us by – but The Good Life Podcast aims to change that by helping you find new purpose in life, and feel more connected day to day. The show has a different guest every week who chats about topics like toughness, dreams, uniqueness, anxiety and growth. Speakers have included Elizabeth Gilbert, Sir Ken Robinson and Gretchen, but also non-celebrity guests to offer as wide a selection of stories as possible.


Heavyweight revolves around the moments in life we regret. Humourist and radio producer Johnathan Goldstein invites his guest each episode to go back to those points from the past and encourages them to try and resolve them. This guest will normally be an ordinary person, rather than a celebrity guest, and Johnathan acts as a moderator for that person’s inner conflict. Every episode can help listeners think about moments they can’t let go of, and how to move past them, inspiring them to leave life’s baggage behind.

Real Life Stories

This collection of three podcasts is subscription-based and is available on Apple Podcasts. It comprises three shows about life’s stories and the people behind them, each with a different presenter and angle. How Did We Get Here? is hosted by Claudia Winkleman and Professor Tanya Bryon, and focuses on family: real-life parents and their relatives are invited to discuss their stories, with Claudia acting as host and Tanya helping to discuss and explain the issues guests face, and how they can be solved.
Katie Piper’s Extraordinary People sees writer and broadcaster Katie Piper talk to a wide range of people who have overcome immense difficulties, such as genetic blindness or PTSD, to live their lives. She also chats to celebs like Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill, Adam Kay, and Paloma Faith about the struggles they’ve dealt with.
Ian Wright’s Everyday Stories is hosted by the legendary Arsenal and Crystal Palace forward, as he chats with real people from all walks of life. Every episode sees Ian meet someone who’s got a fascinating life story, and how they overcame problems using resilience and bravery.

Oprah’s Super Soul

The grande dame of television hosting and interviewing, Oprah Winfrey decided to adapt her Super Soul Sunday daytime TV show into a podcast, called Oprah’s Super Soul. Available on Apple, the show features her own personal selection of the most inspiring and intriguing interviews with some of the world’s most incredible people. Best-selling authors, thought-leaders, spiritual figures, wellness gurus – you name it, they’re featured. It’s all geared toward helping you find a path through life, tackling some existential questions, and helping you to become the best person you can be.

Other People’s Problems

Featuring raw and honest stories of the lives of everyday people, Other People’s Problems is a fascinating podcast that is essentially a therapy session that you can listen to. Each episode sees Dr Hillary McBride help out people who are struggling in life and with their mental health. There’s no topic left untouched, with addiction, difficult divorces, traumatic births and other problems all discussed. You’ll find things within that you relate to, and will learn not just about the clients but also about yourself, and feel inspired to tackle your own issues in life and deal with and move past them.

How To Fail

How To Fail is about failure and how, in the end, it helps to teach you about success. The path to achievement is not always easy, and failure is something everyone experiences in life, even if it isn’t easy to admit or accept. Journalist and author Elizabeth Day’s podcast aims to discuss failing and how we cope with it, with interviews from people including Dame Kelly Homes and Phoebe Waller-Bridge, about how they managed to overcome failures, learn from them, and then succeed.

The Diary of a CEO

This podcast from Social Chain CEO and Dragons’ Den star Steven Bartlett chronicles the lives of some of the world’s most influential people, and how they “defined culture, achieved greatness, and created stories worth studying.” The podcast is raw and intimate, with stories of failure and struggle, and overcoming obstacles. Once having been a broke uni-dropout himself, Bartlett managed to become the CEO of one of the country’s fasting growing companies.

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