New Dramaedy, The Other Black Girl, Is Coming To Disney+ This Week

By Rufus Punt | 11th September 2023
the other black girl

If you love a good thriller series, get ready for the release of Hulu’s The Other Black Girl, coming to Disney+ this Wednesday 13th September. 

Much like Amazon’s The Consultant from earlier this year, it sees a fairly normal workplace get turned upside down for one employee (Sinclair Daniel ) when a new hire arrives and her world is turned on its head. It’s based on the novel of the same name by Zakiya Dalila Harris and arrives on streaming this week.

What is The Other Black Girl about?

It’s the first big starring role for Daniel, who appeared earlier this year in the horror movie Insidious: The Red Door and plays Nella, a young editorial assistant who recently got a job at the prestigious publishing house, Wagner Books. She feels lonely in the humdrum world of office life and has a sense of isolation and marginalisation as the only Black woman employed at the entire company.

Out of the blue, however, she’s introduced to a brand-new co-worker, Hazel-May (Riverdale’s Ashleigh Murray ), another Black woman. Excited, she quickly strikes up a bond and a friendship with Hazel-May and starts to feel brighter about her future. But this is soon upended when she receives a mysteriously creepy message telling her she needs to leave Wagner Books for good.

The messages continue, and Nella starts to notice Hazel-May acting strangely. She’s certain that her new co-worker appeared outside her apartment one night and was given advice by her that resulted in Nella getting into hot water with her boss.

As their friendship begins to splinter, Nella suspects that Hazel might be sabotaging her to promote herself- and discovers Wagner Books has dark secrets below the surface.

Zakiya Dallia Harris, author of the novel, has said that her own experiences working as an assistant editor in publishing inspired her to write the script, and her feelings of isolation as the only Black employee. The series blends comedy elements with drama and psychological horror, influenced by works like Get Out and The Twilight Zone.

Who else stars?

Alongside the main duo of Sinclair Daniel and Ashleigh Murray, The Other Black Girl is set to also star Brittany Adebumola (The Equalizer) as Nella’s friend Malaika, Hunter Parrish (Ratched) as Nella’s boyfriend Owen, Bellamy Young (Scandal) as editor Vera Parini, Brian Baumgartner (The Office) as Colin, and Eric McCormack (Will & Grace) as Wagner Books founder Richard Wagner.

When will it be released?

The series is set to debut all episodes at the same time on 13th September on Disney+.

Watch the trailer

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