tiny beautiful things

We’re always on the lookout for new TV shows that come with a bit of drama and comedy, and Hulu’s upcoming Tiny Beautiful Things ticks all the boxes.

Based on the book of the same name by Cheryl Strayed, it’s set to star Kathryn Hahn as a writer who’s struggling to find much success, and so decides to become an advice columnist, despite having her own problems in life. The series will debut on Disney+ in April.

Here’s everything we know about Tiny Beautiful Things

Kathryn Hahn, who’s recently starred in Wandavision and Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, leads the cast as Clare, a writer who seems to be floundering in her career. She has a litany of problems with all the hallmarks of someone down on their luck: her marriage to her husband, Danny, is struggling and barely held together, and her daughter Rae is becoming more and more distant from her. Not only that, but her dreams of having a highly successful writing career are slipping away. She thinks she has no good advice to give anyone, and certainly not in an advice column that a friend of hers is nudging her to take. However, she eventually decides that there’s not much to lose and agrees to fill in as the new Dear Sugar advice columnist.

It’s with her new job that her way of thinking seems to change for her. The new role and giving advice begin to bring back memories from points in her past. Everything from childhood and the emotions that came with each significant event comes flooding back, and she soon finds herself able to express her feelings in a way she couldn’t before. Despite her problems, Clare begins to find that the Dear Sugar persona helps her to give advice in ways she wouldn’t have expected, and becomes a way for her readers to bounce back after struggling with their own issues in life.

In addition to Hayn, Tiny Beautiful Things will also star Sarah Pidgeon (The Wilds), Tanzyn Crawford (Alexander) and Quentin Plair (Welcome To The Chippendales.)

Guest stars meanwhile are set to include Owen Painter, Merrit Weaver, Michaela Watkins and Elizabeth Hinkler. The original novel became part of Reese Witherspoon’s book club books, and this adaptation is being produced by Witherspoon alongside Laura Dern and Cheryl Strayed herself. The whole eight-part series will release together on Disney+ on 7th April.

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