The Best Of Streaming In January

By Rufus Punt | 9th January 2023
best new TV shows

January’s here, and with the dark evenings still with us. So what better way to put to bed those winter blues than by firing up your favourite streaming service and engrossing yourself in a new film or bingeable series? The new year is hitting the ground running with a wealth of streaming content, from acclaimed TV dramas making their return to J-Lo’s newest rom-com. Read on to find out the best new TV shows to watch this month.

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Get stuck in now with our list of the best new TV shows to stream in January…

best new TV shows

Happy Valley

Sarah Lancashire returns to her much-celebrated role as the hardened Sgt Catherine Cawood, who’s anticipating hanging up the luminous green jacket and walkie-talkie to finally retire. But that’s still a few months away- and she finds herself once again having to come face to face again with James Norton’s loathsome Tommy Lee Royce, the man who drove her daughter Becky to suicide. This series begins six years after the previous one, and Catherine is living with her daughter’s son Ryan, who was previously revealed to have been the result of Tommy’s rape of Becky. With five more episodes to go and critical praise pouring in after the premiere, it looks like this last series might be the best of all.

Watch it on: BBC One, BBC iPlayer

Starts: 01.01.23

The Last of Us

If you’ve paid any attention to video games for the last decade, you’ll probably have heard of The Last of Us. The acclaimed franchise began back in 2013 with the hugely successful game of the same name, considered a landmark in video game storytelling. A sequel followed in 2019, and now ten years later HBO is bringing a full adaptation to TV. Focusing on Joel, a smuggler in post-apocalyptic America, and Ellie, a young teenager he’s assigned to help cross the country. The nine-part series has plenty of budget (around $100 million according to recent reports) and a cast including Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey, Gabriel Luna, Anna Torv, Nick Offerman and Merle Dandridge. The original avoided the cliches and overly dragged narratives of end-of-the-world zombie franchises like The Walking Dead and provided an engrossing, human story that remains a rollercoaster to this day- so you can expect the same here.

Watch it on: Sky Atlantic, NOW, HBO

Starts: 15.01.23

The Last of Us - best new TV shows
Pamela: A Love Story - best new TV shows

Pamela: A Love Story

Looking for the best new TV show to watch? This is the one to look out for. Pamela Anderson re-entered the public consciousness (not that she ever really left) last year with Hulu’s miniseries Pam & Tommy. The show had mostly positive reviews- Lily James’ portrayal of the star in particular- but was criticised as exploitative by some commenters, including Anderson herself. This makes the upcoming Pamela: A Love Story, a Netflix documentary Anderson was working on when she heard about the Hulu series, all the more intriguing. It’ll see the Baywatch star tell her story in her own words with frank interviews about the effects of fame and fortune. Everything is on the table here, Netflix says, including her rocky relationships and the infamous sex tape scandal. It’s a chance to see the woman behind the icon.

Watch it on: Netflix

Available: 31.01.23

Romantic Getaway

Like Happy Valley, this new Sky series debuted on New Year’s Day, but unlike Happy Valley, it’s a romcom with thriller elements. Comics Katharine Ryan and Romesh Ranganathan star together as a couple who’ve been together for a while but are struggling to conceive. They’ve spent a fair bit of money funding IVF treatment, and the hole in their wallet is getting too large. The two decide that they can take (or “borrow”) a little bit of cash from their highly wealthy boss Alfie, played in Scroogey style by Johnny Vegas, and sneak off with it. Things start to get out of hand when Deacon (Ranganathan) impulsively transfers more money from the company account than is wise, and the two now have half a million that they need to stash in secret.

Watch it on: Sky, NOW

Available: Now

Romantic Getaway - best new TV shows
Shotgun Wedding - best new TV shows

Shotgun Wedding

It’s been a while coming, but Jennifer Lopez’s new romcom Shotgun Wedding is set to finally drop on Amazon Prime later this month on 27th January. J-Lo plays Darcy, who’s about to get married to fiancé Tom (Josh Duhamel) – though begins to get cold feet and decides to call the wedding off. But before they get the chance to announce their new plan, things are thrown up in the air even further when a gang of armed pirates arrive on the island and hijack proceedings. Tom and Darcy are separated from the rest of the group and set out to save their families from deadly danger. Expect plenty of comedic bickering and a fair amount of shotgun-toting.

Watch it on: Amazon Prime

Available: 27.01.23

The Pale Blue Eye

Christian Bale leads this period mystery drama that is perfect for a cold January night. Veteran detective Augustus Landor is brought in to investigate a string of gruesomely weird murders occurring at the famed West Point Military Academy in New York. The action takes place in 1830- and a young Edgar Allen Poe is one of the cadets in training, years before he became master of the macabre. Poe, played by Harry Melling, seeks out Landor, deciding that two heads are better than one when it comes to tracking down serial killers. While the detective is initially unenthused by the idea of a helping hand, he begins to take a liking to Poe, and the two set out to crack the case. The film is based on a novel of the same name and also stars Gillian Anderson, Lucy Boynton, Toby Jones, Timothy Spall, and Robert Duvall.

Watch it on: Netflix

Available: 06.01.23

The Pale Blue Eye - best new TV shows

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