If there’s one TV show on everyone’s lips right now, it’s the impossibly popular South Korean drama Squid Game, which has become Netflix’s most watched show ever and will likely be very profitable for the lean mean streaming machine. And now you can take part in a Squid Game inspired challenge at Hijingo bingo hall.

If you don’t know the show’s premise, the basic idea is that a large group of contestants (all in debt) compete in old-school playground games to win a top money prize, but with the twist that the games are potentially deadly. It’s like when you watched kid’s gameshows when you were younger and assumed the players really were “killed off” when they were eliminated, except in this case they actually are. Like any craze, its caused an influx of memes, endless articles explaining that it’s not about tentacled sea-creature sports and concerns that kids around the country will copy it at school.


To capitalise on this behemoth success, Hijingo, a high tech bingo hall in London, is bringing their own Squid Game inspired, err, game, to their venue this Halloween.

Hijingo arrived in London with some fanfare earlier this year billing itself as ‘bingo with a pulse’, and is something of a departure from our usual notions of the classic numerical game.

This isn't sitting-in-a-cold-hall-waiting-to-finish-your-row-or-preferably-for-the-blissful-release-of-death bingo...

This isn’t sitting-in-a-cold-hall-waiting-to-finish-your-row-or-preferably-for-the-blissful-release-of-death bingo, this is strobe-lights-and-LED-visuals-and-pop-music-and-I-feel-like-I’m-Harrison-Ford-in-Blade-Runner bingo.

Part of a growing trend toward ‘cool bingo’, it’s definitely aimed at a younger demographic and has something of a nightclub atmosphere, with a selection of cocktails and (and now we’re paying attention) very tasty Asian food.

Some pretty hefty prizes are given away too- highlights include a holiday to Europe and a light-up raincoat...

If you want, you can book the Black Cat Brunch, with two hours of bingo, plus a Halloween cocktail, food and bottomless beer and Prosecco. There’ll also be the cheaper Hijingo Halloween in the evening, with two games and a Halloween cocktail. Some pretty hefty prizes are given away too- highlights include a holiday to Europe and a light-up raincoat.

You can also book the exclusive “Lucky Box” for a more private experience, or even hire out the whole venue. As is so fashionable, Hijingo promises a “multi-sensory” experience, whatever that really means (perhaps you can smell the bingo card?) and a lot of energetic fun.

Oh, and you've probably been wondering where Squid Game enters into things...

Oh, and you’ve probably been wondering where Squid Game enters into things. Well, alongside the bingo games themselves, you’ll be able to take part in a version of the now infamous Red Light, Green Light game from the show. Staff will even be dressed up like the hooded workers from the show, although there won’t be the now iconic robot doll that sets snipers on you, presumably for reasons pertaining to safety (and copyright).

So, if bingo is your game-o (sorry), but you want a more high tech, strobe lit experience, then you should definitely check out Hijingo and all its LED delights. You can coax your Squid Game obsessed friends with the tease of the aforementioned game between games, though bear in mind that the Red Light Green Light game is currently only scheduled for the Halloween period. There’s far more details on all the games, food and activities listed on the venue’s website, as well as photos and videos of what to expect.

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