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Daffodil Mulligan restaurant with basement bar Gibney’s in the heart of Shoreditch is the ultimate destination for dining, drinking and live music. It embodies the heart, soul and mischief of the Irish, but with international food influences.

It is a relaxed restaurant and bar that champions seafood with subtly Irish influences. You will find the sort of seafood dishes that helped Corrigan make his name, with the coastal influence obvious from the outset – beef tartare is served in oyster shells and paired with a seriously umami oyster cream, while the pairing of fleshy Scottish langoustines with mayonnaise is beguilingly simple.

Meat dishes put in a strong showing with a wood oven on site imparting dishes with a heady hit of flame fired flavour. The Tipperary sirloin with miso Béarnaise and the Sugar Pit Pork is not to be missed.

Daffodil’s pudding menu revels in nostalgia, offering up the kind of sweet treats that your mother made for you as a youngster. If you prefer liquid desserts, order from the cracking cocktail menu, or choose wines from an assured list that traverses Europe.

After dinner, keep the good vibes going by heading to Daffy’s basement bar Gibney’s for properly poured Guinness and bar snacks. The new Live Music Margarita Brunch is an unmistakably Corrigan ‘good time’, bound to put you in good spirits for the whole weekend.


3 things to try when you’re there

Kiwi & Jalapeno Margarita
Sugar Pit Pork, Prawn, Pickled Ginger, Chilli & Spring Onion
Hereford Beef Tartare, Oyster Cream & Seaweed

You might not know but..

Daffodil Mulligan is the name of the daughter of Biddy Mulligan – a legendary Irish street seller, who was immortalised in the song “Biddy Mulligan the Pride of the Coombe”. Daffodil herself has also inspired her own song by Dublin folk band Lankum. The restaurant’s identity articulates her spirit and retains an earthy, individual aesthetic.