What’s The Scoop? 12 Of London’s Best Ice Cream Parlours

Whatever the weather ice cream is always a good idea. If you’re on the hunt for a city pitstop that’ll both fuel you and satisfy your sweet tooth, we’ve put together a list of our 12 favourite ice cream parlours around London.

From ice creams dazzled in sprinkles and candy floss to homemade garden party ice cream kits, here’s where to get your ice cream fix.

Soft Serve Society 

Soft Serve Society is revolutionising the overworked whippy ice cream with their premium soft serve and extensive range of goodies to sprinkle on top. Known for their sundaes and, of course, the famous Instagram trend using candy floss. Their candy floss special ‘Cloud 9’, incorporates ice cream with berry floss – so it’s most certainly not just your average 99 cone. 

For those wanting something a little different, they also offer their own take on the freakshake with a matcha special, peanut butter option for the nut-heads and the classic milkshake flavours too.

Locations: Boxpark Shoreditch / Market Hall Victoria 


Snowflake Gelato

Churning its way to the top is Snowflake after founder Asad and gelato Chef Paolo opened up their first shop in 2012. With eight years now under their belt, they have several stores across the city delighting the busy commuters, tourists and passers-by with their specialities, handmade with love using some of the world’s finest ingredients. Despite expanding, each gelato is made by hand using the traditional Italian method, allowing each one to be naturally unique, just like a real snowflake.

Throughout lockdown they’ve also kickstarted their ice cream bundles which you can order straight to your door, from the perfect movie night kit to the ultimate garden party ice cream set up.

Various locations


Milk Train 

You certainly can’t sugarcoat this one – because there’s enough sweetness to count for your sugar intake for at least a week… That being said, Milk Train in Covent Garden is best known for its extravagant candy floss beasts circled around whippy topped in an array of sprinkles. Once you’ve taken enough photos to fill your Instagram feed for the next week, allow yourself to dive into this candy-filled goodness – just try not to fall into a sugar coma afterwards…

Location: 12 Tavistock Street, Covent Garden WC2E 7PH


Chin Chin Labs

London’s first ice cream parlour made using liquid nitrogen, Chin Chin Labs is best known for their bold flavours, big scoops and scientific methods. The team wanted to create something which hadn’t been explored before and it’s certainly done the trick because they now boast three outposts in London. 

Designed as a grab-and-go pit stop, their ice creams are great for scoring a ‘gram worthy image and fuelling you on your Sunday stroll around the city.

Locations: Camden / Soho / Shoreditch


Nonna’s Gelato 

Everything tastes better when your Nonna makes it. Nonna’s Gelato began 85 years-ago with owner Sophia’s Italian Nonna, whose Italian heritage combined with her love of seasonal, local produce turned into something beautiful – an Italian and British fusion of gelato. It’s situated in the heart of Broadway Market every Saturday, with 10p of every scoop going to ‘Off Centre’ charity, who offer a counselling and therapy service to young people aged 16 to 25.

Location: Broadway Market, Hackney | Also available to purchase at Harringay Local Store, Yardarm, The Blackheath Pantry and The De Beauvoir Deli


Ruby Violet 

Ruby Violet started out life selling ice cream at markets and have since set up a parlour in Tufnell Park and King’s Cross, using only the best free range eggs, organic milk and fresh produce to create small batches of tempting ice cream. Stay refreshed with one of their sorbets or try their crowd favourite salted caramel with almond nut brittle – it’s certainly won over us!

Various Locations



Created by owner Sammie Le, who was determined to combat food waste and use the whole egg when making full batches of ice cream, Yolkin has since become a favourite among ice cream and macaron lovers alike. 

Head over to Rupert Street to indulge in one of Yolkin’s staple ice cream sandwiches. Choose your ice cream flavour of choice before sandwiching it between a macaron, brownie, chocolate chip or chocolate. They’ve also recently launched their build your own ice cream macaron kits too, yum.

Location: 24 Rupert Street, West End W1D 6DQ

More information here

Happy Endings

We can easily say that Happy Endings is where dreams come true. Since opening up in 2014, TBF Baking Award Winner, Terri Mercieca and her team have been busy fueling Londoners with ice cream sandwiches, renowned for tempting you even when you’re full. Right now you can get their ice cream delivered to your doorstep, even better.

Location: Arch 437 Burdett Road, E3 4AT



We’ve expressed our love for Jefferson’s time and time again, and with good reason, their ice cream selection is on a whole new level. 

Stemming from a love of natural food and free from artificial flavours, Jefferson’s is devoted to celebrating quality. The ice cream is made in-house every morning, using only the finest ingredients available.

191B Balham High Road, Balham SW12 9BE


Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream

Wondering where the name stems from? Ice cream that’s sold on the streets of Manila is nicknamed ‘dirty ice cream’. Known for being super affordable yet still delicious, it’s made using little more than ice, salt, a steel pot and a pair of strong hands. Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream is the first filipino ice cream parlour in London and they try to recapture the authenticity, and of course, simplicity of Manila ice cream. Let’s not forget each treat serves up total Insta goals thanks to the vibrant colours.

Location: 91 Kentish Town Road, NW1 8NY


Four Winters

Serving up the dreamiest of ice cream on a global scale is Four Winters. Their ice cream is prepared using top seasonal produce by their ice cream chefs, who work hard to bring new flavour combinations to the world of ice cream. A personal favourite of ours is their knafeh – a blend of ice cream with kataifi dough and syrup, topped with pistachio.

Location: 103 Gloucester Road, Kensington SW7 4SZ


Ice Cream Union

For 13 years, Ice Cream Union has worked hard producing their ice cream and sorbets to some of London’s top restaurants and influential chefs. Now it’s even easier to grab a taste of their finest flavours in their first ever parlour. They focus on creating show-stopping treats each and every time, whether that’s down to hand-selecting the best fruits in peak season or sourcing the freshest milk. And you can tell because it’s silky smooth and gets creamier with every bite.

Location: 166 Pavilion Road, Chelsea SW1X 0AW


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