10 Best Anti-Chafing Creams To Tackle The Rash

By Tamara Corin | 14th June 2022

Let’s be frank ladies, although 90% of the time we glow (wink, wink), the remainder 10%, we sweat, right? Unless we’re Olympic athletes, we don’t often speak aloud about the unattractive topic of skin chafing, however it’s time to break this taboo. Inner thigh chafing in particular is a hot topic, quite literally!

When the temperature rises, we perspire more, it’s fact. When skin rubs against skin it causes friction. Prolonged rubbing may result in sore skin, an uncomfortable burning sensation, a rash and often blistering too. Instead of suffering in silence and waddling home on a hot sticky night out, stock up on a chafing cream that will act as a barrier and soothe and protect your skin all-summer long. Take comfort in these top ten buys…

Mio Move Groove Anti Friction Balm, £15, Look Fantastic

This may be called a balm, but the consistency is similar to a body cream. Jam-packed with this much-loved wellness brand’s Feel-Good Complex, made up of a blend of Indian fig extract and Monk’s pepper berry, this fragrance-free formula is designed to soothe skin, while coconut oil and niacinamide moisturise and keep redness at bay. 

BeYou Anti Chafing Cream, £12.95, Cult Beauty

This all-natural, antibacterial, non-greasy vegan formula soothes and repairs irritated skin. It has a clever in-built water-resistant barrier and unlike many other chafing creams, has a silky-smooth finish rather than a greasy one. Plus, it’s pump packaging means you use just the right amount. 

Glamza Chub Rub Anti Chafing Cream, currently £4.40, Amazon 

Although we’re not convinced the (rather offensive) name will convince anyone to rush out and buy this product, it’s surprisingly a best-seller. This little tin of cream soothes redness and heat while also protecting skin from further chafing. It’s handy tin packaging makes it a winner for popping in your handbag/gym bag without worrying about nasty spillages.

Lanacane Anti-Chafing Gel, £6.30, Boots 

One of the first formulas to deal specifically with chafing and still going strong in the beauty aisles. The texture is not a gel as we know it, but instead a silky balm that spreads effortlessly into a talc-like finish that feels quite luxurious for a chafing cream. Use sparingly, a little goes a long way.

Lush Silky Anti Dusting Powder, £10, Lush

Aptly named, this powder punches way about its weight. It can be used effectively both pre and post chafing. It’s a great choice if you’re going out for the whole day or need to be extra discreet. If you start to sweat and can feel chafing starting to set in, this product stops it in its tracks. The fine powder eliminates all remnants of moisture and doesn’t flake or clump together which some powder formulas often do. A multi-tasker that won’t let you down even on the hottest day of the year. 

Megababe Thigh Rescue, £12, Cult Beauty

This multi award-winning stick formula is a great choice for a quick 1,2,3 swipe. Conspicuously designed to look like a deodorant this balm glides onto skin melting within seconds and creating a friction-free barrier in its path. Formulated with anti-inflammatory aloe, pomegranate seed to promote healing and orange oil to relieve any soreness. An all-round winner!

Neat 3B Action Cream, £10.50, Amazon 

When you find out that actual professional doctors are behind the development of a product, you can almost guarantee that this product is THE BUSINESS! This lightweight cream soothes, calms, and protects chafe-prone areas such as thighs, underarms and breasts while leaving a silky finish in its way. 

Vaseline Original Pure Petroleum Jelly, £2.99, Boots

Is there anything this old cult favourite can’t fix? It seems not. If you haven’t yet tried it to prevent chafing, you’re missing a trick that’s been handed down generations. Don’t reach for the talc, but instead the OG of petroleum jelly will create the perfect protective barrier for the skin to avoid chafing. Admittedly it comes with A LOT of grease, but it does the job well. 

Body Glide For Her Moisturising Anti Chafe Balm Stick, £23.99, Amazon 

Without much differentiation from the HIS formula, (apart from the fact that it’s packaged in blue!) this easy-to-apply formula is super-fast drying so you can get dressed immediately. It creates an invisible barrier that’s lightweight, non-greasy and so comfortable, you’ll wonder whether you applied it or not. 

SARROSI Anti-chafe balm, £15.99, Amazon 

This handbag-friendly balm will keep sweat at bay while simultaneously nourishing skin with coconut-oil that smells gorgeously tropical on application. It’s vegan, all-natural and the deodorant-style (and cool retro) packaging allows for quick on-go swipes wherever and whenever necessary. Wave goodbye to boob, thigh, underarm sweat in an instant.

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