Our calendar has been firmly circled with the dates of Taste of London for months now, and the first thing we wanted to know is ‘is it still on?’ And the answer is a resounding YES! The event, which takes place on the weekends of 7th to the 11th July and 14th to the 18th July in Regent’s Park, is fully covid-secure and has the big thumbs up from the council and the government. So what are you waiting for? You need to book now!

The fully COVID-secure, socially distanced festival will fling open its doors on July 7th come-what-may and we’ll be at the front of the queue. Here are ten reasons why you should be alongside us…

1 Find A New Favourite…

The joy of Taste is that everyone, from the Michelin star chef to a complete food and drink ignoramus, can discover something completely new.

The festival is packed with brand new name and faces, and this year there will be 25 new restaurants and chefs joining the diverse restaurant line-up.

Like Freezecakes, from artisan cheesecake maker Pleesecakes, popping up for their festival debut.

2 …And Reacquaint Yourself With Seasoned Pros

Old friends will be in attendance too. Chefs we’ve come to know and love and restaurants that have got us through, and out of, lockdown.

The likes of Flesh and Buns, Burger & Lobster, Fatt Pundit and Santo Remedio will be there to meet us, and feed us, this July. And we could not be more excited.

Chefs will be demonstrating their skills and revealing their secrets on stage and in person thanks to various masterclasses and stage events.

3 The Fire Pit!

Let there be FIRE! Things are going to be elemental at the fire pit this year. A favourite of Tastes passed, the fire pit will this year be graced by Jack Whitehall’s Food Slut and Hot4U.

This year the pit’s gotten even better with the addition of a full-on restaurant, meaning that after every demonstration you’ll be able to sample the chefs’ creations.

Whitehall and Marcus Petty-Saphon are the star duo responsible for the wildly successful Food Slut concept. They will be joined by a line-up of chefs that’ll include William Chilila of Stork, Adam Purnell (“Shropshire Lad”) and lockdown hot-stuff Hot4U from ex-Head Chef of Cub Matthew Scott and Eddy Tejada of St John.

Add in DJ BBQ and we’re cooking with gas! Er, but not…

Find out more about The Fire Pit here…

4  Chop It Like It’s Hot

Who doesn’t love a strong food pun? And ‘Chop it like its Hot’ is a classic of the genre.

It’s also set to become a classic of the festival, not least when the event, dedicated to intimate hands-on experiences with culinary heroes for budding chefs, sees the likes of guest-stars Professor Green and Gizzi Erskine, who will be there to present the wholesome sounding ‘Giz n Green’.

Find out more about Chop it Like It’s Hot here…

5 Laurent-Perrier Prêt-À-Portea Experience

The Berkeley, the hotel that brought us lockdown’s must-dine terrace is even more famous for its legendary fashion afternoon tea Prêt-à-Portea.

The tea sees the hotel create some of the most stylish cakes on the planet, and they’re all paired with rosé from Champagne house Laurent-Perrier, who will be joining the hotel to present their patisserie-pairing menu.

Enjoy the endlessly cool creations all paired with Laurent-Perrier’s Cuvée Rosé.

Find out more about the Laurent-Perrier Prêt-À-Portea Experience

6 The Aspall Picnic Meadow

You can’t get slicker than wicker! And the Aspall Picnic Meadow will be awash with the stuff as cider maker Aspall Cyder bring us the ‘Suffolk’ meadow.

Tickets to the Aspall Meadow come with a basket containing everything you’ll need for the ultimate picnic experience (along with five Aspall-inspired dishes, featuring a recipe by James Knappett, there will of course be Aspall Cyder along with take-home gift bag full of Aspall treats.

Find out more about the Aspall Picnic Meadow…

7  The Craft Beer Trail

They probably couldn’t call it a ‘crawl’, but let’s all acknowledge that there’s little we’d rather do than be on the trail of these eight producers.

Sample your way through a selection of craft beer from the UK’s best brewers and receive pairings to go along with the craft ales as well as the chance to grill the master brewers with any questions you have along the way.

Find out more about the Craft Beer Trail…

(Photo taken pre-covid, obvs)

8 Party with a Cocktail at London REIGN

Of course the highlight of any festival is enjoying live music and drinking and being entertained until sundown.

This year The London REIGN will be providing the DJs and performances to act as the soundtrack to the entire festival.

And while the government may have proscribed dancing, we will be able to enjoy something far better than your dad-dancing: acrobatics and live performances from resident dancers. Ideal for enjoying with cocktails also courtesy of The London REIGN.

Find out more about the party…

9 NEFF Cook And Connect

Taste has become an institution, an annual foodie festival without rival, but they’re not resting on their laurels and new ideas and concepts are a given.

Like Cook and Connect from NEFF, new for this year. The kitchenware giant are bringing all their appliances and gadgets to the stage, along with a series of next-big-thing chefs to demonstrate them.

After the demos you’ll have a chance to meet the chefs themselves and give them a grilling (no pun…)

Find out more about NEFF Cook and Connect

10  Enjoy 4 Hours Of Fun Filled Feasting This Summer

At a time when some restaurants and pubs are limiting punters to just 45 minutes of dining time (outrageous!) that’s not a problem at Taste.

Diners will be offered over four hours of continuous fun filled feasting this summer. Nobody will get between you and your precious scoff.

The only question will be, where will you start? With so much choice you’ll be completely spoilt…

Book tickets for Taste of London here…

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