Summer is here (although we’re not sure the weather has caught on) and those staycations you swapped your African safari for are inching towards you. On your packing checklist, muddled amongst the fleeces, thermals and raincoats, is a new tome you can indulge while away. 

That’s where we come in. We’ve scoured the bestseller lists and new releases to find you the twelve best new books coming out this summer. From the new novel of bestselling author Daisy Jones and the Six to an exciting new thriller from Alex Michaelides, here’s what to read this season.

Malibu Rising – Taylor Jenkins Reid 

Brought to you by the bestselling author of Daisy Jones and the Six, comes Malibu Rising, a new tome that centres around a famous family called the Rivas. 

Taylor Jenkins Reid’s new novel is centred around a party. It’s August 1983 and Nina Riva is hosting her annual end-of-summer party and everybody wants to be added onto the guest list. But like all great parties, things start to get spun out of Nina’s control. By morning, the mansion is in flames. 

In Great Gatsby party style, the family must choose what they take from the evening and what they ultimately leave behind.

From £11.40 – Order your copy on Amazon

You and Me on Vacation – Emily Henry

If you’re one of those people who, when they are on holiday, only want to read about other characters who are also on holiday, then Emily Henry’s new novel, You and Me on Vacation is this summer’s ticket. 

It’s a story of two friends spread across ten summer vacations. Following Poppy and Alex, the narrative sees the pair meet, loathe one another and never want to spend another second with them. The following summer, an ever-lasting friendship breaks out between them, making a pact that they’ll go on a different adventure every summer holiday together. 

But like all great narratives, this bond dwindles out after several years and it’s their last trip that will help define who they are, their story and their final chance to fall in love.

Fake Accounts by Lauren Oyler

Lauren Oyler’s debut novel Fake Accounts follows a young woman who is struggling to find her sense of self in the modern age and its online world. 

It’s the eve of Donald Trump’s inauguration when she finds an interesting discovery surrounding her boyfriend… As it turns out, her partner is an internet conspiracy theorist, one who’s anonymous yet incredibly popular. A series of unfortunate events, twists and turns follow leading her to flee to Berlin and sees her take on her own form of manipulation in her daily life…

From £10.08 – Order your copy on Amazon

AmazonYou & Me on Vacation

Price: From £6.55

AmazonFake Accounts by Lauren Oyler

Price: From £10.08

The Maidens by Alex Michaelides

From the author who brought the world the number one bestselling debut The Silent Patient, comes another thriller you’ll want to sink your teeth into. 

Interlockng Greek mythology, psychology and murder, Alex Michaelides’s The Maidens follows a therapist, Mariana Andros, who, herself, is struggling with the loss of her husband. Her niece, Zoe, is struggling to come to terms with the murder of her best friend. These stories are both linked, not just because they are relatives, but also because they are linked to St Christopher’s College, Cambridge. 

The thriller plays host to another interesting character,  professor Edward Fosca, who somehow knows one to many things about the murders and becomes a prime suspect in Mariana’s investigation…

From £11.32 – Order your copy on Amazon

Crying in H Mart by Michelle Zauner 

Brought to you by the brains behind Japanese Breakfast, a solo music project known for its indie pop sounds, comes Crying in H Mart, a memoir that displays Michelle Zauner’s life as she grieves the loss of her mother. 

The memoir follows Zauner’s world, from growing up as one of the few Asian American children in her school, grieving the loss of her mother and finally, finding her own sense of identity. It’s an incredibly powerful read. 

From £19.44 – Order your copy on Amazon

Conversations on Love – Natasha Lunn

Have you ever been in love? And no, I’m not referring to the TikTok meme that’s currently trending. I’m talking about real love and all that it can encompass. 

Journalist Natasha Lunn has created a series of conversations surrounding what love means. She has enlisted the help of Dolly Alderton, Candice Carty-Williams, Diana Evans and more, to unpick and understand how relationships spark and evolve over time, whether that’s romantically, through friendship, vulnerability, loss or parenthood.

Her Last Holiday by C.L. Taylor

Not exactly a lighthearted read for a holiday, but one you won’t be able to put down. 

C.L. Taylor’s Her Last Holiday is a novel packed with thrills, suspense and sadness. Two years prior, Fran’s sister Jenna disappeared while on a wellness retreat that, to put it lightly, didn’t end well. Now, Tom Wade, the man behind the retreats, has just been released from prison after serving for the death of two individuals. Although it was new found out what happened to his third victim – Jenna.

The Other Black Girl – Zakiya Dalila Harris

From author Zakiya Dalila Harris comes The Other Black Girl, a suspense packed tome that follows editorial assistant Nella Rogers, who fed up with the way she’s treated, is delighted when Hazel arrives in the office cubicle next to her. 

A friendship sparks in an instant but not for long. She finds a note on her desk reading ‘LEAVE WAGNER. NOW’. Things spiral out of control and it’s not long before Nella realises this is more than just what’s going on inside the office doors.

From £10.78 – Order you copy on Amazon

Small Pleasures by Clare Chambers 

Set in 1857’s South East London’s suburbia, Clare Chambers’s Small Pleasures follows Jean Swinney, a journalist stuck in a job at the local paper. It’s only when she gets contacted by a woman, Gretchen Tilbury, who claims that her daughter is the result of a virgin birth, that things begin looking up for her investigative career. 

Is it a hoax? Is it the truth? Follow Jean as she delves to investigate.

The Dinner Guest by B P Walter

Thought you’d hosted the worst ever dinner party? Don’t even get Charlie started on his…

B P Walter’s The Dinner Guest follows four people at a dinner party, in which one visit just wouldn’t leave… This Sunday Times bestselling thriller begins with a book club meeting, hosted by Matthew, Charlie and their son Titus. A stranger, Rachel, turns up and ultimately refuses to leave. It’s only when Rachel calls 999 that things begin looking a little unusual. That and the bloody knife she’s gripping in her hand. 

The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave

Laura Dave’s The Last Thing He Told Me became an instant New York Times Bestseller and even made it as a pick for Reese’s Book Club. 

Before the novel is made into a major TV series starring Julia Roberts, read the tome this summer and uncover the mystery behind the disappearance of Own Michaels. Having left his newly married wife, Hannah, with a note reading ‘protect her’, Hannah does everything in her will to protect his 16 year old daughter. 

Police are asking questions, Owen’s boss is arrested for fraud and Owen has disappeared. How will thing one unravel? You’ll have to read it to find out…

The Day The World Stops Shopping by J.B Mackinnon

It seems a bit ironic to have an Amazon link to this one, but J.B Mackinnon’s The Day the World Stops Shopping is a must read this summer. 

We’re all actively aware of the impact humans and their obsession with shopping is having on the environment, but Mackinnon’s powerful words really put everything into perspective. The book examines what a world without shopping would actually look like. 

From £13.65 – Order your copy on Amazon

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