13 Funny Instagram Accounts That Will Make You LOL

By Patrick Dunne | 17th November 2023
Funny Instagram Accounts

What did we used to do at the bus stop before we had funny Instagram accounts to help the 7-10 minute wait fly by? Thankfully, we’ve crafted a list that should go straight to your following tab, so you don’t need to wonder. 

From chaotic animals and satire, to insider memes and the wild west of Depop, here are 13 of the funniest Instagram accounts out there. 



“When art meets texts from your existential dread” is the USP of this Insta account. Expect Egon Schiele paintings paired with the words “I can’t wait to be extinct” or Picasso next to “the human condition is annoying AF.”

Brilliant, darkly witty and the perfect example of bringing highbrow haughtiness down a peg or two.


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A post shared by Sabrina Brier (@sabrinabrier)

2. @sabrinabrier

Playing the role of a sometimes annoying, sometimes wise but always funny 20-something woman living in New York, Sabrina Brier is the social media comedian of the moment.

Specialising in P.O.V comedy skits, she pokes fun at the underlying micro-aggressions and sly digs that encompass modern life. Her popularity has even resulted in a New York Times profile piece

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3. @dan_clay aka Carrie Dragshaw

Can you really have achieved true icon-status if you don’t have a drag queen alter ego with a massive following on Instagram? For Carrie Bradshaw, this question is irrelevant, because Dan Clay (or Carrie Dragshaw) has provided all Sex And The City Fans with this gift of an account.

Come for the outfit matching, stay for the long captions told in Carrie’s slightly altered voice. 

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A post shared by DM Drama (@dmdrama)

4. @Dmdrama

Everyone who has either bought or sold something off Depop knows just how bizarre some of the responses can be.

This is less a comedy account and more a cultural artifact, detailing the most chaotic and wild experiences in the second hand online fashion world. 

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5. @mytherapistsays

How would we be able to make our way through the chaos of modern life without Instagram pages harvesting our shared struggle for memes? Thankfully, we don’t have to find out. This relatable account has something for everyone. 


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A post shared by Ayo Edebiri (@ayoedebiri)

6. @Ayoedebiri

Now best known for her fan-favourite role of Sydney on hit show The Bear, Ayo Edebiri’s roots to stardom began in comedy and, as such, her Instagram account is a must-follow even for those who haven’t jumped aboard the Bear hype-train yet. 


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Because we all need a little Louis to get Theroux it, even if it’s not the real thing.

This account delves deep into the archives of everyone’s favourite broadcaster and makes magical memes out of them.


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A post shared by Movie Set Humor (@moviesethumor)

8. @Moviesethumour

For everyone outside the bubble, the world of film looks like a non-stop life of glamour, parties and groups of beautiful people constantly giving each other awards. This account hilariously lifts the lid on life behind the camera, with movie insiders filling its pages with memes that poke fun at an industry that often takes itself a little too seriously. 

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Is there a purer form of comedy than animals just being kinda weird? We say no.

Join the other 5 million+ people who agree and follow this account that’s the best source of animal-related videos the Internet has to offer.


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A post shared by Reductress (@reductress)

10. @Reductress

We know, recommending Reductress, how very 2016 of us. But by god they’re still bringing out the hits. 

Like all the best satire, it strikes the perfect balance between continuing to be humorous and biting, without ever stooping to nastiness. 


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A post shared by freddie smithson (@freddiemade)

11. @freddiemade

If you’re a fashion fan you’ve probably seen some of these retold fashion moments on the ‘gram, courtesy of tongue in cheek artist, Freddie Made.

Previously head creative at Burberry, he makes meme magic with sartorial satires. Think The Queen in bling bling Gucci, Meryl ‘Street’ wear and ‘Chernel’ (that’s Cher in a Chanel ad).

A joy of a scroll for Vogue readers, probably lost on everyone else.

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A post shared by jilly hendrix (@jillyhendrix) on

12. @jillyhendrix

Self-describing as a “big fan of the Internet,” Jilly Hendrix (we’re pretty sure that’s not her real name) posts about what’s trending online and IRL, so expect a lot of memes and musings on the current state of pop culture.

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A post shared by Soho House Memes (@sohohousememes)

13. @sohohousememes

The famous – or infamous – Soho House is undoubtedly great, but oh so memeable. This account pokes fun some of the more absurd sides of the club, like the eternal struggle to avail of age discounts (despite being far too old), the unpopular implementation of new booking systems, and the iconic towels that members definitely don’t keep for themselves…

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