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There’s something about the sunshine that always calls for gin. It’s the go-to for British weather: gin and strawberries; gin and picnics; even gin and marmalade (see the cocktails below).

So you’ll be pleased to hear that we have some seriously delicious gin cocktail recipes to share with you. What’s more, they’re even good for the planet. How? It’s all down to One Gin.

How One Gin made drinking gin good for the planet

One Gin is part of the One Brand Family, which has also set up The One Foundation. The ethos behind everything that One Brand does is to fund clean water projects in areas that need it most. So far, The One Foundation has raised over £25 million, changing the lives of over 4 million people. And One Gin is helping to raise even more funds.

One Gin was created to give back to this global humanitarian cause. The brand donates at least 10% of its profits to The One Foundation, which works with carefully selected local partners around the world to implement life-changing programmes in sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene. Their goal is to reach a funding pot of £30 million by 2030.

One Gin donates at least 10% of its profits to sustainable, life-changing water programmes

One Gin flavours

So, back to the gin. One Gin has an overall aromatic nose of fresh sage, juniper and freshly cut sandalwood, with hints of orange marmalade. This good-for-the-planet spirit comes in two flavours, Classic and Crisp Apple.

One Gin Classic is the proud winner of an IWSC Gold Award. The liquid is distilled into a wonderfully smooth aromatic spirit and is actually a favourite of the bar manager at Claridge’s, where it is served as a naked dry martini with a twist.

Meanwhile the One Crisp Apple edition taps into our penchant for flavoured gins, but without having an overly sweet taste. They use the oil from the pip of the russet apple to deliver a flavour that is fresh and dry.

And if you can’t drag around a giant bottle with you to a picnic, there’s also the option of picking up One Gin’s Sage & Apple and Sage & Orange Zest gin and tonics in a can.

There’s a message in the bottle…

The new One Gin bottles have been designed around the icon of the butterfly, symbolising the butterfly effect, where small acts can lead to great change.

One Gin partnered with Saint Design and glass manufacturing partners Stoelzle, based in Yorkshire, to deliver a bottle design that is a thing of beauty. So much so that when you remove the label after your gin has gone, the bottle begins its new life as a stunning water carafe with the word ‘water’ debossed onto the front. All you have to do is find a little poem hidden on the bottle to tell you all about it.

And another little secret? We’re offering an exclusive 20% off the beautiful One Gin ‘Butterfly’ Bottle, which you can find here.

We're offering an exclusive 20% off the beautiful One Gin 'Butterfly' Bottle.

And now for the cocktails…

1. Floradora

A refreshing long drink, packed with ginger, berries and citrus. Ideal for a BBQ party at home.


50ml One Gin Classic
25ml lime juice
20ml mixed berry syrup
100ml ginger ale

Shake the gin, lime and berry syrup with ice, strain into a highball and top with dry ginger ale. Fill with ice and garnish with a lime wheel.

2. Summer on the Green

A refreshing summer cooler, perfect for an aperitif in the garden with friends.

Group serve in a jug with tumbler glasses

350ml One Gin Crisp Apple
50ml elderflower cordial
50ml lime juice
150ml green tea
300ml cloudy apple juice
100ml sparkling water
3 x cucumber strips
1 x bunch fresh mint

Pour all ingredients over ice into a large two-litre jug and stir. Garnish with cucumber strips and fresh mint.

3. Negroni

The original aperitivo.

Large rocks

30ml One Gin Classic
30ml Sweet Vermouth
30ml Campari

Chill all ingredients. Stir all ingredients with ice and strain into a frozen glass or large bottle to be stored in the fridge or on ice. Garnish with and orange twist or wedge.

4. One Gin Cobbler

An ideal pick-me-up for lazy afternoons dining al fresco.


1/4 fresh apple, cubed
4 sprigs lemon thyme, plus more to garnish
30ml One Gin Crisp Apple
30ml white port
15ml elderflower cordial
20ml lemon juice
10ml Earl Grey tea syrup
2 orange slices
2 lemon slices
80ml ginger ale

In a cocktail shaker, crush up the apple with 4 sprigs of the lemon thyme (regular thyme will do if you can’t find lemon thyme). Add the remaining ingredients, except the ginger ale, shake well with fresh ice and top with ginger ale. Garnish with thyme sprigs.

5. Marmalade Cocktail

A delightfully tangy cocktail that proves popular when served at a relaxing Sunday brunch.

Martini or coupette

50ml One Gin Crisp Apple
25ml Lemon juice
1 heaped teaspoon of orange marmalade
Orange twist for garnish

Add all of the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with fresh ice and shake well. Double strain into the glass and garnish with an orange twist.

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