Looking for ways to add some sparkle to your summer? Add a bit of colour to your ‘gram and pose in front of London’s prettiest coloured streets.

All you need to do is scroll through Instagram and you’ll definitely be subject to an influencer posing amongst coloured houses, cherry blossom wrapped around the surrounded trees and not a rubbish bin in sight, and it’s an easy win to get the likes flooding in.

From Notting Hill’s finest to the pretty Chalcot Square in Primrose Hill, here are 16 of London’s prettiest and most colourful streets.

Bywater Street, Chelsea

Never mind being called Bywater street, this one should be called Bygolly street as we’re so taken aback by its beauty! The Chelsea gem is the hunting ground of bloggers and influencers alike, all catfighting their way to the front in order to grab that sacred pic. Akin to a tourist attraction, this street is a real winner on the colourful houses front with purples, blues, pinks and more on offer.


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Chalcot Square, Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill is simply renowned for its beauty, with large green spaces offset by cute boutique stores and towering townhouses. This particular square oozes colour, with bright houses and brimming gardens making it an idyllic spot to prop your arm against the railings and “say cheeeeese” to your heart’s content!


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Kelly Street, Kentish Town

Whilst Kentish Town doesn’t necessarily ring out Instagrammable – unless you’re shooting a grungy, urban snap – it does have some delectable hidden gems scattered around its vicinity like Kelly Street which is just a stone’s throw from the station. The Victorian Street features all of the pastel hues you need but mind the dustbins when getting your ideal shot, after all you don’t want it to look rubbish…


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Bonny Street, Camden

Bonny Street is a truly fitting name for this Camden offering which really is ever so bonny! The pastel row can be a little car heavy but provides all of the Instagrammable-ness you need. The pistachio hued house might just be our favourite. 

Neal’s Yard, Seven Dials

Everyone’s favourite courtyard, Neal’s Yard, is not only the home of coveted cafe’s and beauty bars but also the brightest of buildings and one post outside here will see the likes reeling in. Whether you’re after some pizza from Homeslice, baked goods from Jacob the Angel or a spot of Brunch at 26 Grains, Neal’s Yard is home to a wide range of stores in the one of the prettiest locations in London.

Conduit Mews, Paddington

This tucked away terrace may be the haunt of those who like to be far removed from the gaze of the street, but it’s also a place brimming with the most striking of colours that we can’t but help try and grab a snap whenever we walk by. If you’re a lover of bright yellow, this is the street for you!


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Walala Parade, Leyton

There’s a new colourful street to explore and it’s headed for East London.

Created by Camille Walala and art collective Wood Street Wall, ‘Walala Parade’ boasts one of London’s biggest public art projects for all to enjoy. Expect bold geometric patterns, defined edges and bright colours when you pop along.


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Portobello Road, Notting Hill

Notting Hill has a plethora of #streetgoal offerings, from Farmer Street and Kensington Park Road to Ledbury Road and Hillgate Street. The area is bursting with colour and offers, perhaps, the most eclectic range of vibrant streets in all of London. Things that we often hear when down there snapping a pic includes “I’m just a girl, standing in front of a house, asking it to love me,” oh and Hugh Grant making yet another cup of tea to solve all problems.

Godfrey Street, Chelsea

It’s not just Notting Hill that’s littered with colourful streets, Chelsea is in full force of the technicoloured delights too. Our favourite spot is Godfrey Street for everything from bright bursts of sunshine yellow through to pastel accents beautifully lining the terrace houses.

Lancaster Road, Notting Hill

We spoke about Notting Hill more broadly but we had to raise attention to Lancaster Road. Think rows upon rows of colourful doorsteps when you waltz your way along Lancaster Road in Notting Hill. It’s pretty, it’s technicoloured and it’s just waiting to be snapped up for the ‘gram.


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Falkland Road, Kentish Town

Tucked in the heart of Kentish Town you’ll find the colourful haven of Falkland Road awaiting your discovery. Follow in @elizaveta_smirnova_’s footsteps by bringing your paintbrush and pad along and bring the bright street to life on through watercolours.


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Smith Terrace, Chelsea

Pretty pinks, sunny yellows and pristine blue. Smith Terrace is home to some of the prettiest houses in Chelsea. Head on down this weekend to fulfil your summery Instagram dreams.


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Carnaby Street, Carnaby

Every Tom, Dick and Harry has posed under here so why not join the masses and head over to Carnaby and pose under the iconic rainbow-hued Carnaby Street sign for the ultimate London ‘gram shot this weekend.

Kynance Mews, South Kensington

When there’s a mew, there’s a way… Live out your mew filled dreams when you embark on an Insta post outside of Kynance Mews in South Kensington. The mew boasts plenty of Insta-worthy spots from colourful door frames to wisteria fused houses.


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Leake Street, Southbank

Does Leake Street count? Technically it’s an underground tunnel but it’s got street in the name so we’re counting it. Leake Street is renowned for its glorious graffiti and provides many photo ops. You might be lucky enough to see an artist in action when you stroll through the tunnel.


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