Here’s Why You Need To Watch Palme d’Or Winning Crime Thriller, Anatomy Of A Fall

By Rufus Punt | 13th November 2023
Anatomy of a fall

From Killers of the Flower Moon to Asteroid City, some of the year’s most prestigious films received their debuts at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year. But Anatomy of a Fall, a French legal thriller was the one that walked away with the event’s top prize, the Palme d’Or.

‌Having released in France earlier this year, the drama has arrived in UK cinemas for a limited release, and it looks like a fitting watch during the current cold weather.

‌Starring Sandra Hüller in a critically lauded performance, it centres on the trial of a woman accused of murder after her husband is found dead at a remote chalet in the French Alps.

What is Anatomy of a Fall about?

Anatomy of a fall

Directed by Justine Triet (Sibyl, In Bed with Victoria), the frosty thriller Anatomy of a Fall begins with novelist Sandra Voyter (Hüller) in her chalet located in Grenoble in the Alps. It’s disrupted however by husband Samuel (Samuel Theis), who plays loud music and brings the interview to a grinding halt. The interviewer leaves, and there’s a tense atmosphere.

The couple’s son Daniel (Milo Machado-Graner), partially blind, goes out for a short walk with his guide dog, and on returning discovers his father is now dead. He appears to have fallen from a window into the driveway- but investigations afterwards find that he received a serious blow to the head before his fall. Sandra becomes the number one suspect and is put on trial.

‌What else do we know?

anatomy of a fall

The film’s thrilling style has drawn comparisons to directors like Alfred Hitchcock, as Sandra goes to court to claim her innocence of any wrongdoing and maintains that Samuel merely fell to his death by accident or suicide.

But there are plenty of suspicions as to otherwise, as the investigation and trial not only examine the events of the day but also Sandra and Samuel’s marriage, which was anything but straightforward.

As the film’s official synopsis on its website states, “With conflicting evidence and inconsistent testimony, words are wielded like weapons and shocking truths come to light.” Is Sandra truly innocent and things just look bad for her? Or do her family, friends and others who knew know things she’d rather keep hidden?

‌When is the film out and is there a trailer?

‌The film’s trailer begins with Sandra telling her son “I just want you to know one thing… I’m not a monster” before we see glimpses of the discovery of her husband’s body and autopsy. We see that there was a fight the day before he died, and Sandra seems to be trying to suppress details of the day to prosecutors. You can find out exactly what happens in this award-winning drama in cinemas now.

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