On a cold winter’s night a bottle of rich red wine and a juicy steak, ideally served with the fire crackling in the hearth, are perfect transporting your mind away from the worries of winter lockdown and to a place of serenity, of peace and of meat.

Which is why one of the elements of the new lockdown we’re enjoying is the reminder that all the great meat boxes we discovered during the first lockdown (plus some extra) are back on and back better!

From field to fork via van, fresh meat delivery was never simpler. Lick your chops for these meat deliverers…

Worstead Estate

Wagyu beef fresh from Norfolk, just the words are enough to set your mouth watering. Worstead Estate are the first farm in Norfolk to rear and sell premium wagyu beef, raising Full Blood and F1 Wagyu Cross animals  (that’s a cross between wagyu and more conventional breeds such as Aberdeen Angus).

And their Christmas box comes brimming with two fillet steaks, two ribeye steaks, four second cut steaks, one roasting joint and six burgers. The only question to ask is why wait until Christmas?

Website: www.worsteadestate.com
Delivery: The Christmas box is £90 and next day delivery is free (£9 if you’d like it before 12 the next day)

Coombe Farm Organic

Not just your standard meats and cuts, but everything the experienced cook might want to have on hand. Add organic bone broth and frozen goats hearts to your shopping basket and you quickly realise that Sainsbury’s has got nothing on Coombe Farm Organic.

The Somerset farm turned to delivering meat in 2015, boosting sustainability by effectively recycling their dairy herd as beef. And they’re incredibly successful at it.

Website: www.coombefarmorganic.co.uk
Delivery: Minimum order £40, delivery £5

Farmison & Co

Farmison & Co take the same approach to meat as sommeliers do to wine, placing maximum emphasis on great taste. Specialising in heritage breeds, the meats are sourced from ancient herds and the result is sumptuous meats.

They ship their boxes (Essentials, Large Essentials or Family sizes) weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Alternatively, go a la carte and choose from their wide array.

Website: www.farmison.com
Delivery: Next day, prices from £36.50 for a meat box (Essentials)

The Dorset Meat Company

Offering 100% grass-fed meat delivery from, you guessed it, Dorset (and, um, Wiltshire), the Dorset Meat Company brings together produce from around 20 farms, all specialising in ethically reared animals.

Choose from lamb, beef, goat, chicken, game and pork as well as cheeses in pre-assembled meat boxes or pick from a wide selection online.

Website: www.thedorsetmeatcompany.co.uk
Delivery: Free on orders over £75 and meat boxes start at £29.95

Primal Meats

Working across three farms, Primal Meats are passionate about animal welfare and sustainability. Their meats, beef, lamb, mutton and hogget, are 100% grass fed and organically reared. They’re also tasty.

Their meats all carry the “Pasture for life” logo, which offers reassurance as you browse their selection for one-off buys or choose a subscription box.

Website: www.primalmeats.co.uk
Delivery: Boxes start at £20 a month

Buy A Cow.uk

Ever fancied owning a cow? The common complaint among many is that meat is tricky to trace. A single McDonalds hamburger patty is estimated to contain over 100 different cows! At Buy A Cow.uk you invest in a share of one particular cow. Once the cow is 100% sold it’s sent to be non-halal slaughtered, aged for three weeks then packaged and delivered. You’ll know the cow’s number, the farmer and farm.

Choose a meat box and receive a selection of mince and steaks. A £99 box provides 28 meals for two people, meaning that the value is maximised as well.

Website: www.buyacow.uk
Delivery: Free, a small premium box £59.95 (enough for 14 meals for two)

Donald Russell

When The Queen fires up the barby she’s not popping down to the local Spar for her burgers and sausages. The man she calls in is Donald Russell. Self-billed as ‘Scotland’s Finest Butcher’, the royal warrant holder also ships frozen meat to commoners throughout the country.

So popular there was a month long wait list over lockdown, royally treat yourself.

Website: www.donaldrussell.com
Delivery: Free on orders over £40

Mac & Wild

A Handbook favourite in restaurant form has transmoggified into an online butcher in lockdown form. If you’re too excited about donning apron and tongs to head down to the restaurant for your fix of venison, haggis and all the hearty Scottish fare of Mac & Wild, then worry not.

Delivering straight from Scotland to the whole UK, Mac & Wild have got us covered. Whether you’re just buying a couple of steaks or family meat box we’re all over this.

Website: www.macandwild.com
Delivery: UK-wide, meat from £8.48 (meat boxes from £28.89)

Field & Flower

Field & Flower provide meat boxes of fresh meat and ethically caught fish. It’s been ten years in the making, founded by farmers James Flower and James Mansfield.

As well as meat they also provide a sous-vide range, prepared by chefs in Somerset before being slow-cooked in the sous-vide to lock in the flavour and moisture.

Website: www.fieldandflower.co.uk
Delivery: £2.95

Piper’s Farm

A fifty acre Devon farm was the start of Piper’s Farm. Now extended to a cooperative of 25 farming families, the service offers customers next-day contactless delivery of some of the best meats the West Country has to offer.

Website: www.pipersfarm.com
Delivery: Via DPD, minimum order of £30

The Horned Beef Company

The Horned Beef Company takes an en primeur approach to meat, following the lead of fine wine producers who give fine-wine customers the chance to buy before it’s bottled, the Horned Beef Company lets you buy its beef before it’s whatever the meat version of bottled is.

With limited releases just six times a year, sign up to their mailing list and watch this space intently!

Website: www.thehornedbeefcompany.com
Delivery: Sign up online for updates (six times a year)

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