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Netflix has some great upcoming new shows this year, like All The Light We Cannot See and Fool Me Once and another one to add to your watchlist in the upcoming comedy-drama Beef, which stars Steven Yeun (Minari, Invincible) and Ali Wong (Always Be My Maybe, Big Mouth). Two strangers get into a road rage argument that sparks a huge feud between them and becomes a mutual obsession. It’s set to release on the streaming service on 6th April.

Yeun plays Danny, a failing contractor who’s become increasingly resentful of the way his business is going. Coming from a humble background and set on becoming successful, his life makes for the perfect contrast with Amy’s. Amy is a self-made entrepreneur who seemingly has it all: a thriving career, a picturesque house and a model husband. Neither Amy nor Danny has any connection to each other, but that changes on a fateful day when the two cross paths in a road rage incident that sees them screaming at each other and both stubbornly refusing to let it go.

As the two become more and more resistant to accepting blame, they become increasingly obsessed with what happened, and the memory of the incident starts to consume their every thought. Soon, Amy and Danny begin plotting revenge on each other, and a petty road spat grows into a full-blown feud. The stakes get ever higher as the two go head to head, and things start getting pretty dark. Creator Lee Sung Yin, who’s previously worked on Silicon Valley and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, was inspired after he experienced a real-life traffic incident that stayed with him: “I’m also grateful to the guy who yelled at me in traffic three years ago. I did not let it go, and now we have a show.”

Beef also stars David Choe (The Choe Show), Young Mazino (Prodigal Son), Joesph Lee (Star Trek: Picard) and Patti Yasutake (The Wash) being developed by Netflix in collaboration with A24 Studios, who’re also working on the upcoming The Idol for HBO. All 10 episodes will drop on the 6th of April, and a first-look trailer is right around the corner.

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