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The Handbook

Picnics are famously genteel affairs; mown grass and cucumber sandwiches sans crusts, ginger beer by the lashing and more wholesomeness than you could wave a Miss Marple novel at. It’s all very 1950s, very proper and inoffensive. And boring. Until now.

Forget about damp sarnies, stinky scotch eggs and realising you’ve forgotten the cutlery, because Burger & Lobster have just got into the picnic game and everything’s going to be alright. As long as you like lobster.

The upmarket chain famous for its two ingredient menu, has joined the al fresco movement with a hamper that’s posher than Victoria Beckham brandishing a fish knife and more bulging than David Beckham brandishing a pair of his signature underpants.

What do you get in a Burger & Lobster hamper? The main event is their signature Original Lobster Roll. These things are relatively legendary (the first time I went to the restaurant three separate people told me beforehand that I had to try the lobster roll (I didn’t, instead plumping for an Original Burger). Having since experienced it, I understand what the fuss is about anddressed in Japanese mayo and lemon and served with lemon and garlic butter, it’s precisely the first thing I’d want to fish out of a hamper.

Posher than Victoria Beckham brandishing a fish knife...

Along with the rolls, enjoy a Garden Salad and a dessert to share so that your only question is going to be can you pass a Tupperware cup for my Tattinger Champagne? The hampers start at £60 for a dinner for two, and we’re pretty sure you’ll want to snap them up…