When it comes to binge-worthy documentaries, no one does it quite like Netflix. Crime investigation American Nightmare and sports saga Beckham have both been unmissable hits, and if you loved those you’ll want to tune into their newest crime doc, Can I Tell You A Secret? landing this week.

Available to stream on Netflix from Wednesday 21st February, it takes a look into the worrisome world of cyberstalking, as it tells the story of several victims of a stalker based in the UK and how their lives have changed.

What is Can I Tell You A Secret? About?

The two-part series is being produced for Netflix by Mindhouse, the production company set up by documentary superstar Louis Theroux . While he doesn’t appear in the show himself, it does share some of his docu-style of looking at some of society’s dark corners. Centring around three normal women whose lives are each altered by their experience with a prolific cyberstalker, it paints a horrifying and unnerving picture of just how far strangers can go on the internet. The perpetrator of the crimes, Matthew Hardy, was eventually caught and sentenced to nine years in prison for his actions after years of tormenting women. The case was covered by reporters from The Guardian in a podcast, who are part of the team behind this documentary.

The series gets its name from the fact that each time the stalker contacts a new person, he sends them a mysterious message saying “Can I tell you a secret?” before starting a conversation which eventually results in sending threats. Friends and members of the families of those targeted would also receive messages, often apparently trying to manipulate them and tear relationships apart.

While three of the women are interviewed and featured in Netflix’s documentary, it’s revealed in the series’ trailer that the number of those affected across the years was much higher: “This was the biggest stalking case I’d ever seen, with hundreds of victims” says one of the investigators in the case. Each woman targeted will tell their own story, and their shared circumstances and similar threats that were made against them.

What else do we know and when is it released?

Can I Tell You A Secret? also delves past the initial stalking incidents into how Hardy’s victims spoke out and sought help for their ordeal, eventually allowing the police to track him down and bring him to justice. Netflix’s series will not only highlight this particular case but also bring renewed attention to the issues of stalking and harassment in our increasingly connected world.

The series will drop this week on Wednesday 21st February 2024, and you can currently watch the trailer on Netflix’s website.

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