Netflix’s David Beckham Doc Releases Today, Here’s Why You Need To Watch It..

By Rufus Punt | 4th October 2023
beckham netflix

We’ve had endless documentaries this year from Netflix about almost every famous face, from Harry and Meghan to Pamela Anderson. Now, the streamer has its sights on the world of football and one of its biggest legends.

Netflix’s Beckham, a new four-part docuseries that looks at the life of the England great, will chart not just his days on the pitch but also his massive impact on pop culture, becoming a quintessentially 21st-century celeb, with his marriage to Victoria/Posh Spice dominating headlines. It has landed on Netflix today, so read on for all we know.

What’s Beckham about?

In short, the life and times of David Beckham . Becks, DB7, Golden Balls- whatever you want to call him- became a sensation for his rebellious attitude on and off the pitch. Known for his audacious goals from the halfway line for Man United that made his name to his later years with LA Galaxy and PSG, Beckham was one of England’s national heroes- and villains.

As the doc shows, Becks reflects on moments like the infamous red card he received against Argentina at the 1998 World Cup that ignited a media storm after the team lost. Even now, he doesn’t like to talk about it, having been unable to eat or sleep. “It took a toll that I never even knew myself”, Beckham says in the trailer.

beckham netflix

His return to grace, when he scored a sensational free kick at the 2001 World Cup qualifiers to roars from the crowd, cemented him as a national hero. But Beckham the celebrity, with his marriage to a Victoria Beckham , fashion influence and endless paparazzi snaps, threatened to overshadow his triumphs on the pitch.

“He changed, there’s no doubt about that”, sagely comments Sir Alex Ferguson, Beckham’s manager at Man United. The trailer shows how the weight of fame affects their lives, with the two parents having to reassure their children as a crowd mobs the car. Victoria says, “It’s entertaining when the circus comes to town… …unless you’re in it.”

As well as focusing on the man and the goals, Beckham also takes a deep look at David and Victoria’s long and storied relationship, how they first met, the ups and downs, and how they became nearly inseparable in the public eye.

Who else features?

Alongside Posh & Becks, which is a big enough star duo anyway, Beckham will feature interviews with Fergurson, along with Man U teammates like centre-back Rio Ferdinand , mid-fielder Roy Keane , right-back Gary Neville  and legendary forward Eric Cantona .

When is it released?

Beckham arrives on Netflix on today (4th October) and looks like a must-watch, even if you’re not into football.

Watch the trailer

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