Chefs Series: The Ultimate Bacon Sandwich

Christmas has come early! One of London’s most popular brunch spots, Eggslut, have shared the recipe for everyone’s favourite hangover comfort food – the bacon sandwich.

Bruno Pires, Chef and Head of Operations, has shared this simple but powerful recipe that’s easy to follow – no matter how sore your head.

Read on for his step-by-step guide on this breakfast staple with a twist.


1 bread bun, ideally brioche
Chipotle sauce (or any hot sauce)
Tomato ketchup
1 avocado
4 slices of smokey, streaked bacon
1 slice of cheddar cheese


  1. Cook your smokey, streaked bacon before you start assembling and keep warm. This can be done in the oven, grill or fried however you prefer, just make sure that it’s hot and the bacon is extra crispy.
  2. Cut your brioche bun in half and place the two halves of your bun in the oven to warm slightly.
  3. Cook your fried egg so that it has a runny yolk. While your egg is cooking mix tomato ketchup with chipotle to taste (or another hot sauce).


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4. Take your warm brioche bun out of the oven and add your homemade chipotle ketchup onto both halves.

5. Slice your avocado and place it on the bottom side of your bun.

6. Fold the streaky bacon in half and place it on top of your avocado. Then, place your fried egg on top of the bacon.

7. Melt 1 slice of cheddar cheese in the oven or grill and add it on top of the egg when it is melted. Add the top half of your bun onto the cheese and your perfect brunch egg dish is complete.

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