Choose Love: Netflix’s New Romantic Comedy Lets You Choose How It Ends

By Rufus Punt | 14th August 2023
choose love netflix

Ever watched a rom-com and thought “I wish these characters got together instead”? Well, Netflix is letting you have the power to end a love story the way you want to. Taking cues from Black Mirror interactive episode Bandersnatch, Choose Love is a new film from the streaming giant that allows you to choose which paths to pursue as your main character ponders which guy she wants to end up with.

What’s the premise of Choose Love?

The plot can obviously go a few different ways, but the basic premise sees relatable twenty-something Cami Conway feeling like her life isn’t heading in the right direction. Played by Lauran Marano (The Royal Treatment), Cami is a recording engineer who certainly seems to have a perfect life, with a steady relationship to boyfriend Paul (You‘s Scott Michael Foster) and a future that’s generally on the up.

But does she really want to settle down with Paul? Is there room for more life opportunities elsewhere? Maybe she just regrets dropping her singing ambitions? Whatever the reason, you’re the one to guide her to true happiness and fulfilment- and of course, in rom-com land, that means choosing between guys.

choose love

What choices are there?

Unsure if Paul is her soulmate, Cami is smitten one day by Rex Galier (Zombieland Double Tap’s Avan Jogia), a rockstar from Britain, who charms her with his easy-going attitude and serenades. A recording engineer and a musician seem like a natural pairing, right?

But she also crosses paths again with an old flame, Jack Menna (Home and Away’s Jordi Webber), and feels a spark again. Should she go back to the one that got away? Then of course there’s Paul, who might just be the one anyway. It’s up to you to answer these questions and make the decisions, down to who to open up to and who to kiss. Cami is also prone to breaking the fourth wall in a Fleabagesque way, appealing to you to help her “Choose Love”.

Other characters you meet in Choose Love include Cami’s sister Amalia (Class of ‘07’s Megan Smart) and a mysterious psychic (Jacque Drew), whose advice you can listen to- or not. Netflix hasn’t indicated how many branching storylines and endings are possible, but has said that at some points Cami will be forced to decide on some “major ethical dilemmas”- so presumably things can get quite varied.

When does it release?

You’ll be able to find out for yourself when “the world’s first interactive romcom” drops on the service on 31st August. Check out the trailer below.

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