Helen Mirren Transforms For Historical Drama, Golda

By Rufus Punt | 14th August 2023
Golda - helen mirren
Golda- helen mirren drama

Who else stars?

Golda also features French actress Camile Cottin (A Haunting In Venice) as Lou Kaddar, the personal assistant and close confidant of Meir, and Rami Heuberger (Schindler’s List) as a military leader and defense minister Moshe Dayan.

Meanwhile, Ray Donovan star Liev Schreiber is opposite Mirren as Henry Kissinger, the controversial US Secretary of State and diplomat who becomes arrives in Israel and becomes involved in supporting the war. As Golda realises the scale of losses from the surprise attack and the clock keeps ticking, she and her all-male team of advisors in cabinet band together to stop a devastating defeat.

When is the release date?

The film is set to arrive in cinemas in the UK and US on 25th August, before a later release on streaming this year.

Watch the trailer

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