We all love a good comedy, and luckily there have been plenty of gems lately – from Netflix’s recent legal sitcom Partner Track, to Hulu’s comedy thriller Wedding Season.

BBC Three is bringing a new six-part series to its channel, the witty and funny Dreaming Whilst Black. Having had a successful pilot released last year (which was based on a popular web series), the new series is set to air next year, which is great news to be shared during Black History Month. Here’s what we know:

If you’ve not seen any of the show so far, Dreaming Whilst Black centres around an aspiring filmmaker, Kwabena (played by Adjani Salmon), who’s stuck in a boring recruitment job. The show follows him both in and out of reality, as he dreams of a better and more fulfilling life. It has garnered acclaim for its relatability and down-to-earth feel, with its honest portrayal of life. Kwabena navigates the mundane life of recruitment and dealing with racial prejudice, being Black and born into a Jamaican family – who would prefer him to have been an accountant. The show has resonated with viewers, who can relate to the experiences of Kwabena and the other main characters (the issue of feeling ‘othered’ & not being seen by mainstream culture is discussed further on brilliant podcast The Diversity Gap).

The full six-part series will see Adjani Salmon return to star as Kwabena, still struggling as an independent creative. There are no confirmed other castings yet, but the pilot episode also featured Dani Moseley, Vanessa Babiyre, Rachel Adedeji, Meghan Treadway, and Alexander Owen, so it’s likely some will reprise their roles. Commenting on the return of the show, Salmon (who also co-created and writes), said: “When we made the web series we wanted to be ‘di bes ting pon di intanet’. With all the support we now have, we want to make ‘di bes ting pon BBC TV’, pun intended.”

There’s no concrete release date for Dreaming Whilst Black yet, other than it’ll arrive in 2023, but you can watch the BBC’s pilot for the show here. Want to watch more shows from the BBC? Check out the new Keeley Hawes starring thriller series Crossfire, or the new season of corporate drama Industry.

Dreaming Whilst Black arrives on BBC Three in 2023

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