From Latin dance nights in Soho to pole dancing in Camden, you can find a class in London for pretty much any dance form you’re interested in.

A great way to stay fit this spring without even trying, signing up for a dance class is one of the most liberating, stress-relieving things you can do for yourself. And just because you hated your ballet lessons as a kid doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy some style of dance as an adult. You don’t have to know how to pirouette or a plié to enjoy these fun dance classes in London that cater to every ability. This International Dance Day, here’s our picks of London’s best dance classes:

Salsa and bachata
at Salsateca

It doesn’t matter if you have two left feet, there’s something about salsa and bachata music that will get you grooving in no time. At Salsateca, classes run on every day of the week so you can choose what works best for you. And no, you don’t need to bring a partner so you don’t have to drag anyone along if you don’t want to. Apart from regular salsa and bachata classes there are parties, intensive workshops and social events planned throughout the year. Warning: once you start, it’s definitely hard to stop so you might want to free up some of your evenings – there’s no party like a salsa party.

When: Every day of the week
Where: Across London

Pole dancing at
Ultimate Pole

Pole dancing might look daunting for anyone without any dance experience, but you’ll find that with just a few classes you’ll soon be able to do some fabulous moves (without breaking any bones). Classes are small and operate on a one-per-pole basis at Ultimate Pole UK, and classes are designed for everyone from complete beginners to seasoned pros.

When: Every day of the week
Where: Camden Town and Kentish Town

Aerial Silks at Flying Fantastic

If you’ve seen Zendaya swinging around with Zac Efron in The Greatest Showman and wondered if you could ever do something like that, this one’s for you. Aerial Silks involves climbing and manoeuvring your body around two lengths of fabric (silks). Awkward at first, you will eventually look good while you’re doing it, and when you get more confident you can even try some drops. From beginners to aspiring circus performers, classes are for everyone.

When: Every day of the week
Where: Union Street (SE1) and Peckham (SE15)
Website: flyingfantastic

Bollywood at Danceworks

Live your wildest Bollywood dreams with these dance classes conducted by Bolly Red. There’s fresh choreography every week and you can learn all about the technical aspects of the dance form and musical interpretation. London Thumakda, here we come.

When: saturday
Where: mayfair

Tap dancing at Pineapple Dance Studios

This six-week tap dancing course run by Connor Hughes is designed for complete beginners (you don’t even need tap shoes). You’ll cover the foundations of tap and learn about the history of tap dance, musicality, weight placement and the basics of rhythm.

When: Every Sunday for six weeks (starting in may)
Where: Pineapple Dance Studios, Covent Garden

Afro Dance at The Talent House  

Designed specifically for adults, these are high energy classes run by legends of the dance form, HomeBros and HomeFam.

Classes run on Monday nights so you can head over straight after work. Beginners are welcome, so go ahead and book your spot.

When: Mondays
Where: The Talent House, Sugar House Lane

Ceilidh at the Ceilidh Club

Get a taste of Scotland in London with Ceilidh nights that celebrate this iconic social dance. You don’t have to learn any steps beforehand and you don’t have to have any dance experience at all to enjoy this. Founded in 1998, this is one of London’s longest running dance nights and promises three hours of entertainment every week.

When: Friday and Saturday night
Where: Regents Park Road

Ballroom and Latin at Simply Dancing Partners

photo by amanda clarke

A ballroom dance school with a little twist – you get to dance with professional dancers even if you’re just a beginner. The dance school teaches Ballroom and Latin in group sessions as well as private classes and you can also book yourself couples sessions (especially great if you’re preparing for a first dance).

When: Mondays
Where: Chilworth Mews

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