If there was one man who was going to break the record as the fastest Instagram user to hit one million followers, it was of course going to be Sir David Attenborough. 

The natural historian and English broadcaster is a national treasure, and is adored globally for his nature documentaries and more recently his attempt to address and change the course of the catastrophic global warming crisis. His work has been broadcasted on our television screens for over 60 years, allowing us to deep dive into the wonderful world of nature and marvel at how extraordinary the animal kingdom and Earth truly is. But last Thursday saw Attenborough divert the attention from his big budget shows, turning to our mobile screens, and landing himself the world record for gaining over one million followers in a matter of hours after setting up his Insta page – move over Jennifer Aniston.

Back in October 2019, Friends star Aniston made headlines for her arrival onto the social media platform after she uploaded a photo of her and her fellow co-stars onto the site. But 11 months later and she lost her title (soz) to the Iconic Sir David Attenborough. We imagine wannabe influencers are also pretty miffed that a 94 year old is reeling in the followers faster than it takes to buy in some fake followers…

In a short 1 minute video, Attenborough explained the importance and necessity of heading onto Instagram: to inspire necessary change. “I’m making this move, and exploring this new way of communicating to me, because as we all know the world is in trouble,” Attenborough spoke. “Continents are on fire, glaciers are melting, coral reefs are dying, fish are disappearing from our oceans. This list goes on and on.” 

This move onto Instagram is in the hope that he’ll be able to influence, primarily young audiences, and get them to act and change the course of where Earth is heading.    

It’s easy to forget the legendary figure is actually 94 years-old so of course he won’t be running this account alone, but rather with the help of Colin Butfield and Jonnie Hughes, along with other producers of Attenborough’s new documentary film, A Life On Our Planet.

I’m making this move, and exploring this new way of communicating to me, because as we all know the world is in trouble. - David Attenborough

And after minutes of uploading his first post, hundreds of thousands of people wanted a piece of the action. Everyone from tennis champion Andy Murray to Love Island’s Dr Alex George and Amber Gill joined to congratulate Attenborough on his new journey. 

As it stands Attenborough boasts a whopping 4.5 million followers and his original post stealths in with over 16.5 million views and is just shy of 50 thousand comments. 

The arrival onto the social platform came just days before the release of his latest documentary film, A Life On Our Planet, a film that gets to the deep rooted problem of our global crisis and a call to arms for directional change. It’ll be premiering this evening at UK cinemas. 

With Attenborough now on Instagram, all we’re left wondering is what brand deals he’ll be offered…

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