Do-nut disturb, we’re busy eating our way through London’s doughnut deliveries… Whether you’re more of a Homer Simpson sweet pink glazed with sprinkles on top kind of doughnut lover or you’re a sucker for a classic sugar coated jam filled dough ball, we’ve scoured the city to find you the best doughnut shops delivering to your door. 

So we’ll save you the bad puns and half-hearted jokes and get on with the real reason you’re here: doughnuts! Read on to find out where to get your doughnut deliveries in London.

Doughnut Time 

Do-nut fear the doughnut giants, Doughnut Time have figured out a way to get their popular bites to your door. Doughnut Time have become renowned for serving up some of the finest flavour filled hand-crafted doughnuts in London, made daily in small batches at their special doughnut kitchen. 

Their flavours are vast and different, from apple-pie custard to cheesecake and treacle, vegan buttercream frosting to Homer Simpson’s favourite, the famous pink glazed doughnuts with rainbow sprinkles on top. They’ve even got some funky famous names too, including the Gordon Jamsay, a doughnut filled with fruit jam, dipped in strawberry glaze and rolled in a Jammie Dodger and Pink Wafer crumb before being swirled in buttercream and topped with a classic Jammie Dodger. We’re almost certain Ramsay would give it his seal of approval.

Crosstown Doughnuts 

From hand rolled dough to in-house glazes, fillings and compotes, every ounce of the Crosstown process is homemade with passion, using only the finest ingredients that deliver on comforting flavour. 

Having first launched as a market trader on Leather Lane in 2014, Crosstown Doughnuts has since seared to the doughnut spotlight and is easily one of London’s favourites. Pick and choose your favourites – we love the vegan Chocolate & Honeycomb and the Chai Custard, a warming mix of spices you’d typically find in a classic Chai tea and filled with oat milk custard – and the perfect box for you or send to a loved one from afar. They also offer irresistible ice cream and moreish cookies too.

Borough 22

If you’re gluten intolerant, fear not because Borough 22 have crafted the perfect blend to create stunning gluten free doughnuts. Treat yourself to one of their custom boxes and choose from their signature flavours, from S’mores to an indulgent Choc-Hazelnut combination, Cookies + Cream to a creamy Peanut Butter blend. 

If your birthday is coming up or you’re celebrating with your family or household in lockdown, order a selection of their mini doughnuts. Half the size but just as delicious. 

Limited to 25 orders a day, get yours in early to avoid disappointment.

Kinetic Kitchen

If you’re on a health kick but can’t kick your doughnut cravings, Kinetic Kitchen has crafted a doughnut for the health conscious that’s just as delicious but without the feeling of guilt. Their keto doughnuts, made with healthy ingredients and none of the nasties, are available nationwide so you can get your fix wherever you’re located. 

Choose from their range of flavours, from original to chocolate orange, mokha to pecan butter, or mix and match with their pick n mix selection. So delicious that you won’t be able to tell the difference.

Rubys of London

Rubys of London’s doughnuts are so good, they’ll drive you glazy. Ok, enough with the puns because Rubys’ selection are vegan, delicious and can be personalised for a special occasion, which is perfect if you’re looking to spread some lockdown joy to your friends and family from afar. 

Made with the finest ingredients available, Rubys of London’s doughnuts are baked, not fried, meaning they’re relatively healthy too. The vanilla doughnuts are coated in organic dark and white chocolate before being hand finished with a variety of rainbow chocolate drizzles – yum.

Krispy Kreme

We couldn’t not include the kings of American style doughnuts now, could we? 

The American franchise, Krispy Kreme, is available nationwide and beholds a host of flavours and glazes. On the menu you’ll find their latest collaboration with Nutella, a mix of Nutty Berry Filled Rings and Nutty Chocolatta Hearts – what more could you ask for? 

For the vegans out there, their newly launched vegan doughnut is a must try. A spin on the traditional glazed ring that they are so famous for.

Dum Dum Donutterie

Always baked, never fried is Dum Dum Donutterie is the place to go for expert doughnuts every time. 

The nationwide retailer has become famous for their ‘cro’ doughnuts. It’s a cross between a croissant and a doughnut, filled to the brim with oozing sauces and moreish toppings. Order in early to avoid disappointment because if their delivery service is anything like their stores, they’ll sell out early.

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