One of the best shows to debut last year was Extraordinary, the comedy series that took the tired superhero genre and made it fresh and relatable. It focused on Jen, a young woman behind her peers due to not having developer superpowers when everyone else has. Good news for us, the series was renewed for a second season – and it’s out this week! We’ve now got our first look at Season 2, joining shows like Mary & George and The Gentlemen: here’s all we know so far.

What’s the story so far in Extraordinary?

‌Extraordinary’s first season followed Jen (Máiréad Tyers ) desperately trying to find out what her superpower would be – in the show’s world, everyone develops some kind of amazing, unbelievable power at the age of 18. While everyone else can freeze things, phase in and out of walls, or have super strength, Jen, at 25, can only hope she will develop something herself.

By the end of things, Jen unfortunately hasn’t found a power yet- but that doesn’t mean that she’s down in the dumps. For one thing, she’s started up a relationship with the comedically named Jizzlord, a man introduced to us as a cat in the first season, before it was revealed that he’s just been stuck in a feline body for three years. But there’s another twist in the tale when, uh oh, a child recognises Jizzlord in a shop, saying that he “looks like daddy!”, setting up a future plot point in the new season.

What’s in store for Extraordinary season 2?

So Extraordinary Season 2 will pick up where things left off, with Jen still persevering in her quest to find her power despite her disappointments so far. This time around she’s taking it to the next level by signing up to a “power” clinic. Of course, not everything will go smoothly, and Jen will have to contend with ups and downs and navigating her personal relationships.

Whether Jizzlord, who remains her boyfriend this season, really does have a child he didn’t know about is up in the air, but Disney+’s press release promises he’ll deal with “an unexpected revelation.”

Others in Jen’s circle, like Kash (Bilal Hasna ) and Carrie (Sofia Oxenham ), will be back, alongside Jen’s mum Mary (Derry Girls star Siobhán McSweeney ) and stepdad Ian (Robbie Gee). Meanwhile, Season 2 will feature a special guest turn from thespian legend Derek Jacobi .

When will it be released?

Extraordinary Season 2 looks like the perfect binge when it releases on Wednesday 6th March 2024 on Disney+.

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