Is Facial Massage The Answer To Tighter, More Youthful Skin On A Budget?

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It’s free, it’s easy and everyone can do it from the comfort of their home, car, sofa… Face massage is the underrated ritual for firmer-looking skin that can cheat a restful night’s sleep in a matter of minutes. With almost 30 facial muscles, it’s about time you considered trying out facial exercises. Here, Nichola Joss, A-list Facialist and face masseuse extraordinaire, shares everything you need to know about the cost-free way to getting younger looking skin…

Everything you need to know about facial exercises and how try it yourself

The Benefits of Face Massage

The short-term effects of face massage are immediate improvement of facial contours, brightness, sculpting, glow, and radiance to the skin, improved tone and texture and the immediate feeling of wellbeing. Plus, touch is proven to lower cortisol levels and skin looks more flawless for make-up application. While, the long-term effects are a more effective lymphatic system, less puffiness, improved radiance and facial contours, healthier muscle tissue and increased microbiome health on the surface of the skin.


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DIY – Be Your Own Facialist

Before you begin, thoroughly wash your hands, then follow these easy steps for skin TLC.

Step 1 – Apply your favourite facial oil to the palms of your hands and rub them together gently. Place the palms of your hands onto your cheeks and side of the face gently pressing in the oil. Take one palm and place onto your forehead pressing oil in and down the neck from under the ears sweeping toward the centre of your neck ending at the opposite shoulder. Do the same the other side repeating 3 times each side. This will help to open up your lymph system.

Step 2 – Working from the bridge of your nose sweep outwards and upwards towards the hairline. Do this 6 times.

Step 3 – Take your index and your middle finger palms facing out the way and hold the jaw between the two fingers firmly starting from your chin, gently bend your knuckles and sweep out towards the edge of your jawline, repeat 6 times.

Step 4 – Taking the heels of your palms of the hand gently press under your cheekbone area and push your palms in and hold for a count of 6.

Step 5 – The eye – Place your index fingers on the temple gently supporting the skin (pulling slightly towards hairline) take your middle finger gently sweep under the eye area towards the bridge of your nose and then using pressure slowly work along your eyebrow, repeat 6 times.

Step 6– Finish by organically massaging the face using the fingertips in a circular motion – always working outwards and upwards.

The Big Debate: Fingers V’s Face Tools

Using your hands and fingers gives you a complete connection with the body, skin, and nervous system. Plus, you can really feel the areas of concern and push products into the skin more effectively. We tend to have an innate ability to go to more stressed muscles to massage when using our hands and fingers.

Using your hands and fingers gives you a complete connection with the body, skin, and nervous system.


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However, I love using Gua Sha crystals for massaging the face. Rose quartz is connected to the heart chakra gibing a sense of love gratitude and appreciation for your body and Jade is great to use in the evening as it grounds and centres you, bringing your energies back into the source. I also love to finish facial massage routines using cryo tools which calms the muscles, gives continuous lymph stimulation, and effectively cools the skin as well as activating the nervous system to improve organ function. So, really, it comes down to personal choice.

And I always recommend using a facial oil or balm as it not only gives a better glide but massaging an oil or oil balm will add essential hydration to the skin.

AM or PM?

So, both are very beneficial, in the morning face massage will de-puff the face from sleep, stimulate the lymphatic system and awaken the body. You can do this massage using a cleansing oil or cleansing cream. In the evening, facial massage will relax the body and mind, removing stress and tension from facial muscles, giving a sense of rest and balance to aid sleep as well as massaging in facial oils to nourish the skin and lock in hydration. Whichever you choose, don’t rush your massage, you should enjoy massaging your face and creating a mini ritual that will not only benefit your skin but also encourage you to take a moment of calm and reflection.

The Products & Tools That Give Good Slip

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