As we inch closer to 2024, the restaurant world is gearing up to embrace food trends that match the evolving tastes and lifestyle choices of foodies. From sustainable farm-to-fork restaurants that champion ethical choices, to the rise of experiential dining, this upcoming year promises new, growing (and most importantly, delicious) trends to look out for.

Whether you’re embracing a mezcal moment, exploring the world of orange wine, or getting more for your money with brilliant value tasting menus, these are the food trends we predict to be big in 2024.

Farm To Fork Dining

In 2024, the UK restaurant scene will experience a green revolution, and sustainable farm-to-fork dining is the real commitment that will go beyond a passing trend. Younger generations are leaning towards restaurants that champion sustainability, and in turn, restaurants are emphasising ingredients sourced from responsible farms, foraged ingredients, and partnerships with smaller suppliers. The green movement doesn’t stop with the plate, as a new focus on regenerative practices will ensure restaurants are giving back to the earth too.

Small Plates

London’s love affair with small plates is going nowhere in 2024. Sharing is caring, and the rise of small plates offers a dynamic dining experience, as well as being flexible to budgets and appetites.

It would have been hard to miss TikTok’s “little treats” trend this year (I, personally, live my life by this philosophy), and with a younger audience treating themselves to smaller, nicer, treats on a regular basis, they’re directly shaping the restaurant scene too.

Orange Wine

Orange wine is the latest sensation, and frankly, we’re obsessed. Channelling ancient winemaking techniques, it’s crafted from white grapes with their skins intact, which produces a rich, distinctive orange hue.

Orange wine has been around for hundreds of years, but its popularity is now soaring, and we’d go as far to say it will be the next rosé, though with a little more character. We predict that 2024 will be its year, so if you’re keen to get ahead of the trend and say you loved orange wine before it was mainstream, now is your chance.

Little hatters afternoon tea at sanderson london

Elevated Kids’ Experiences

Say goodbye to mundane kids’ menus, as the hospitality industry aims to elevate experiences for little ones. Parents are looking for healthier options for their kids that offer more variety, and in turn, restaurants and luxury hotels are upgrading their menus for a more diverse, family-friendly dining experience. Luckily, the children’s afternoon tea trend isn’t going anywhere.

Mezcal Moments

Tequila is out, Mezcal is in. Known for its distinctive smoky notes, artisanal production, and growing popularity, we expect Mezcal to be the toast of the new year.

With a rich heritage and complex flavour profile (think spicy, sweet, floral, fruity and spicy), this authentic Mexican spirit is having a moment, popping up on cocktail menus all over the UK.

Value-Packed Menus

There’s no denying that wallets are tightening, and with everyone keeping a close eye on their spending, restaurants are catering to savvy consumers with value-packed menus and budget-friendly offers. This shift ensures that every pound spent delivers a memorable and worthwhile dining experience.

Value isn’t all about price however – one of our most-loved guides in 2023 was London’s Best Tasting Menus Under £100, demonstrating that foodies aren’t afraid to spend money on eating out if they can truly see the value in it.

Wednesday Is The New Weekend

As the workweek embraces flexibility, so does our restaurant routine. The rise of hybrid working is redefining when we eat out, with many restaurant-goers booking tables midweek, following a day in the office.

With Mondays and Fridays often spent at home, restaurants are seizing the opportunity to run tempting midweek offers. From value-packed set menus to pre-theatre deals, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are claiming their status as the new (or at least the equivalent) weekend.

Experiential Dining & Drinking

Dining out is no longer just about the food; it’s a whole experience. Experiential dining and drinking will take the spotlight in 2024 as restaurant-bookers crave more than just a meal. With the rising cost of living, foodies are seeking value through unique and unforgettable experiences, and the younger, city-based crowd are interested in venues that offer a playful, multisensory or luxury feel.

From interactive chef’s tables and themed restaurants, to maximalist interiors and dramatic presentation, restaurants and bars are transforming into immersive spaces, perfect for those shareable social media moments. Trust us, 2024 will be a feast for all the senses.

maximalist interiors at ave mario, covent garden

Healthier Choices

Health-conscious diners are evolving beyond a simple calorie count and embracing a holistic approach to wellbeing. The anti-inflammatory diet, recognised for its potential to reduce inflammation, is a main contender as a 2024 food trend that isn’t just a passing phase, but a total lifestyle shift. Restaurants goers are looking for healthier dining experiences, and we expect menus to cater to the growing appetite for balance and nourishment.

Sophisticated Non-Alcoholic Options

As our eating habits get healthier, so too do our drinks choices. The recent surge in mocktails, non-alcoholic spirits, and beer has reshaped drinks offerings in bars and restaurants, with an increasing demand for refreshing options, sans the alcohol.

Watch as bars dedicated to non-alcoholic creations take off in 2024, catering to a discerning audience who are looking to enjoy non-alcoholic cocktails that are just as good as their boozy counterparts. The drinks scene is evolving, and sophisticated, booze-free alternatives are spearheading the change.

Tuck In To Tahini

I don’t know about you, but tahini has been all over my plate recently and I’m not mad about it. The versatile ingredient has transcended its traditional Middle Eastern and Mediterranean roots (a cuisine that’s also booming right now), and we’ve spotted it making appearances in menus all across London recently – even in bakeries and desserts.

It pairs really well with chocolate, or drizzled over grilled meats, and we’re looking forward to trying even more tahini-led dishes in 2024.

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