Think about it. Is your one true love really your boyfriend? What about your bestie? She was there when you drank too much alcohol for the first time, when you cried over your first break-up and she still loved you when you laughed so much a little pee came out. That’s the kind of relationship you want to be celebrating. Particularly now.

While you may not be going out out, you can still have fun and relax a little even when you’re staying in in. Especially with all the girls in tow. From masterclass makeovers to sampling every cocktail out there, make this Sunday one to remember (as long as you go steady on the tequila…)


Pyjama party

Nothing fills all the cliches of a girly get-together quite so well as pyjamas and pillow fights. Apparently searches for pyjamas have sky-rocketed this year (less so for pillow fights). So it’s time to put the grotty grey t-shirt aside and slip into silk, satin or freshly-ironed cotton. If you’re with your chosen bubble chum, order a matching set, or if Galentine’s is over zoom this year, pour a glass of actual bubbles, pop a Camembert in the oven, and get ready to press play on your favourite film at exactly the same time.

Check out our full list here. 

Posh pizza night

As if we needed another excuse to dive into a big takeaway cardboard box filled with thick dough and oozing mozzarella, but we’ve found one.  Enjoy the big round cheese-topped dishes at home, from the bougiest Black Truffle Pizza at The Connaught to the plant-based pioneers at Purezza. A treat from your gals to you. Or just you to you…

Steer clear of the Domino’s menu, and dive into one of these ten posh pizza deliveries.

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor…

You may be thinking that tequila is the stuff that gives you bad headaches, reminds you of dirty nightclubs and must always come with a line of salt and a squeeze of lime. Well you’re wrong. Tequila has had a makeover, and it’s time you and the girls took notice. While most of us naturally reach for the gin in the drinks cupboard, our new firm favourite is the sweet nectar made from agave. Try a little tasting over zoom this Sunday… just don’t blame us for the hangover on Monday.

Start with these five funky tequila brands. 

Cocktails and craft beer tastings

Not convinced by the whole tequila thing? Fear not! Why not order in a whole plethora of fancy tipples to enjoy (even if your date is a virtual one). We’ve handpicked some of London’s finest brewmakers, wine experts and cocktail wizards bringing the booze to you, so you can enjoy a socially-distanced night with the girls in style. From wine boxes to your door to expertly crafted bottled cocktails, the options are endless. 

Check out our full list here. 

Curate your dinner menu

Thankfully you won’t have to rush to make that last minute reservation this year and you don’t have to be surrounded by smug happy couples. But there’s no need to skip out on the restaurant experience entirely. Enlist the help of eight of these London restaurants so you can cook up a sumptuous meal for Galentine’s Day. Get the girls on Zoom and set up your very own cooking channel – and see who does it best. 

Find 8 delicious recipes here. 

Make-up tutorial

Book a session with the geniuses at Bobbi Brown. Learn how to swipe, smudge and line your way to the perfect smokey eye or discover the secrets to looking bright-eyed and fresh-faced for your next video call. Get the girls on board to join in, and be prepared to look utterly fabulous (while still also in your pyjamas).

You can book them here. 

Indulge in an eco-friendly facial

Anyone else desperate for a spa day? Yes, us too. But the next best thing is to set up your own personal pampering session. Order all the girls one of these facial kits from Meadow Skincare over at Blomma Beauty to get you started. Blomma Beauty only picks organic, vegan and cruelty-free independent brands, so you know you’re in good hands. This set includes a cleansing balm, moisturising balm, face mask, exfoliant, replenishing oil and all the eco-friendly tools to apply them with.

Order your starter kit here

Make your own flower crown

There’s no need to faff around with only tutorials. Half the fun is making it up as you go along. Get the gang to order a bouquet of their choice from their local florist. Try the lovely Blooms by G in Greenwich, and then bring up this handy ‘how to’ list from Bloomon with all the things you’ll need for the perfect flower crown. Then get all the girls online and see who works it best. There’s always someone who just orders a fully made crown for the occasion (hint: probably us).

Send a secret message

Not seeing your besties just sucks. Going to the pub would be really great right about now. However, instead of breaking the rules and jeopardising the health of your local community, you could send a little note to your favourite pals this weekend. While a card through the letterbox never goes amiss, here are some alternative ways to say “you’re my forever friend” in a way that doesn’t sound as cheesy as that. You can say it with fancy cakes or perhaps send over a mind-blowing quiz to keep them busy all day.

Here are 6 novelty ways to show that you care.

Breakfast in bed together

We know, we know. This one’s aimed at actual lovers… but you can share it with your bubble bestie instead. Because this is just too good to miss. Order breakfast in bed from The Berkeley straight to your duvet. The breakfast (we’re talking… home-made all-butter croissant and pain au chocolat from The Berkeley’s bakery, fruit salad, the lot…). One option also comes with a Grey Goose Valentine’s Cocktail ‘Love Recycled’ crafted by mixologists from the Blue Bar at The Berkeley featuring Grey Goose vodka, Martini Fiero Aperitif, chardonnay juice, Palomino sherry and rose.

Order the breakfast in bed here

Netflix and chill together

Do a “When Harry Met Sally” and talk on the phone while you watch your favourite flick together. We have oh so many suggestions if you’re stuck on what film to watch. Like these LGBTQ+ options, or films that’ll make you fall back in love with London. But while you can choose to set up a Zoom link and hope that you press play at exactly the same time, there’s also a Google extension that enables Netflix subscribers to chat and watch a film together. We know… mind blown…

Find the extension here. 

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