Netflix’s Narnia Is Set To Be Directed By Greta Gerwig

By Rufus Punt | 12th July 2023
greta gerwig narnia

It’s only a few more days until one of the biggest films of the year releases, but the director of Barbie is already looking to the future. The news recently dropped that Greta Gerwig is set to adapt The Chronicles of Narnia for Netflix in two new films, which will eventually make their way to the streaming giant with a big budget and plenty of material to draw from. 

There’s no definite release date yet, but Netflix has been developing new Narnia adaptations since 2018, so you can expect to be travelling through the wardrobe soon enough.

Everything We Know So Far About Greta Gerwig’s Narnia Adaptations 

It certainly seems like the next few years will see the three biggest British fantasy stories dominate the streaming wars: Lord of the Rings has already had one season on Amazon in Rings of Power, Netflix has been setting up a new Narnia-verse for years and HBO is set to bring us back to Hogwarts in a rebooted version of Harry Potter. 

Of course, all three franchises were previously brought to the screen in the early 2000s, but Narnia was the only one left unfinished and was somewhat less successful than the other two mega-hits. So it’s unsurprising that Netflix has lined up someone with such a big following and critical reputation to help adapt them. We might be currently living in Barbie World, but Gerwig is set on delving into epic fantasy as she plans out CS Lewis’ beloved novels.

What Can We Expect?

The new films will feature a fresh cast and design from the three previous Narnia movies, which included big names like Liam Neeson and Tilda Swinton . All eyes will be on the actors cast to play the Pevensie children, as well as Aslan the Lion and others. 

The director hasn’t publicly commented on the new films, and we don’t yet know which books will be adapted or in what order. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe was the first published first made into a film, but The Magician’s Nephew, the sixth book, is the first chronologically. We also know that while Gerwig directs at least two of the films, the whole project will be overseen by Matthew Aldrich , co-writer of Pixar’s hit Coco.

We don’t know much else other than these initial details but it’s certainly still exciting to see what the Little Women director will come up with for Narnia, which is definitely her most ambitious project yet. Casting and production details are still to come, but for now, you can distract yourself with Barbie, which releases on the 21st of July.

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